How do volcanoes affect Earth's land?

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How do Volcanoes affect the earth's surface?

Volcanoes can change the surface of the earth in several ways. The lava that is ejected for the volcano may dry and form a new layer of sediment on the ground. The chambers of

How do volcanoes affect the land?

Hi Referring to an article printed in the Daily Mail 10th November 2011. A new Canary Island is emerging from the sea as an underwater volcano bubbles to the surface. Magm

What affect does a volcano have on land after an eruption?

The products of a volcano eruption can negatively affect the land around a volcano. The lava that emerges from volcanos during eruption can (due to its heat) destroy plants an

Do volcanoes affect the earth's crust?

Yes. When the lava from volcanoes hardens, it forms a new layer. This new layer pushes the lowest layer down. This pushed layer melts, and then comes back up through a subduct

How do volcanoes affect the Earth's system?

When volcanoes erupt, usually land is destroyed AND constructed. These eruptions occur due to the pushing in, pulling apart or sliding of the tectonic plates under the earth's

How have volcanoes affected the earth's atmosphere?

The ash from volcanoes has a big effect on both the air and land. Not only do volcanoes spew out ashes, volcanoes let out gases which can be very harmful. The gases that are l

How do volcanoes affect the earth's atmosphere?

Not all volcanoes give out the same kind of emissions. Usually themost common gas is water vapor, followed by carbon dioxide andsulfur dioxide. Other gases include hydrogen s