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How do you Alpabetize favorites in Microsoft edge?

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What is the Chinese alpabet?

The Chinese language does not exactly have an alphabet, but has "ping ying" which is sort of like our alphabet. This is the "ping ying" b p m fd t n lg k h j q xzh ch sh r z c

How do you say the alpabet in spanish?

Phonetically, using English sounds:) ah/bay/thay/day/ay/Effay/khay/Atchay/ee/khOtah/kah/ (= a-k) Ellay/El-yay/ (NB 'l' and 'll') Emmay/ (= m) Ennay/Enyay/ (NB 'n' and

What are the features that give Microsoft Word an edge over the Typewriter?

There are many. A spell checker. Mail Merge. The ability to delete,edit, cut, copy and paste text. The ability to apply a wide varietyof formatting to text. The abilty to add