How do you Calculate pro rate from a pool of money?

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How do you calculate the occupant load in a pool?

Is this a commercial Pool? If yes then what state is the pool located in? Different states, different codes. Some methods are: based on water volume, surface area, flow rate. Some have a combination of these methods or others. Please provide the state and I may be able to provide the method used. ye ( Full Answer )

How do you calculate how much chlorine to put in your pool?

1 gallon of 12% strength liquid chlorine will raise 120,000 gallons of water approximately 1ppm. For 10,000 gallons it takes about 9oz. to achieve 1ppm. PPM means parts per million not parts per moron. A 1-1.5ppm chlorine residual is usually sufficient to maintain a swimming pool as long as it is in ( Full Answer )

What are the calculations for gallons of water for a round pool?

Answer . \nTo calculate your gallons measure the diameter \nand divide by 2. Take\nthat measurement (radius R).\n. \nR x R x 3.14 = Area\n. \nArea x depth x 7.5 = gallons\n. \nExample: 24 ft. round and 4 ft. deep.= 24 divided by 2=12x12x.14= 452.16 x 4 (ft.deep) x 7.5=13564.8 gallons.

What are the pros and cons of installing a pool?

\n. \n Swimming Pool Pros and Cons \n. \nPools are good because when it is summer time you can use a pool to cool off in!\n. \n cons \nPools take a lot of time to maintain and there are also financial considerations. The pros outweigh the cons in my particular situation.

What are the pros and cons of saltwater pools?

Answer . \nGood and Bad of Saltwater Pools!\n. \nGood - Water is "softer" with less chemical smell!\n. \nBad - Bacteria lives much longer because the "chlorine" generated is weaker than chlorine itself. System is very weather dependent and can't handle high bather loads. UV systems like the ( Full Answer )

What are the pros and cons of ultraviolet pool sanitizers?

Ozone . Ultraviolet sanitizers work by creating ozone, which is far more effective than chlorine as a sanitizer. However ultraviolet does not produce as much ozone as carona discharge systems. With ozone you will use less chlorine. I don't know a downside of using ozone.

What are the pros and cons of chlorinated pools?

Answer . \nChlorine is the cheapest way to sanitize the pool. It is tried and true. \n. \nThe downside is that it doesn't hold very well, there are many differing qualities out there, is suseptible to the sun's UV rays, and liquid chlorine is very dangerous.

How to calculate pro rata share?

Answer: How to calculate pro rata share . Simplified and by way of example pro rata can be calculated as follows:. Assume you have three contributing "pools," A, B and C.. A contains $1,200,000.00 B contains $159,000.00 C contains $300,000.00. Now assume an "assessment" of $88,000.00 for w ( Full Answer )

How do I calculate the number of gallons of water in our pool?

Multiply avg length times avg width times avg depth to get cubic feet them multiply by 7.48 to get gallons. Question can't be answered without third deminsion.. Formula: length times width times depth times 7.48 equals gallons

Calculating avg depth in pool?

Answer . Average depth. Depth of the deep end @ 8'. Depth of the shallow end 3'. Add the two together and divide by 2 = average. Ken

What is the calculation for above ground pool heating?

As pertaining to what? Sizing the heater to the pool? Length of run time to heat the pool? Proper gas line run and size of pipe to use? What brand to use? How to hook the heater into the system? Natural gas or Propane? And quite a few more k

What is a pool of money?

Water is said to pool when it collects in a low place, such as a ditch; and so when money is collected from many sources into a single amount, as for example when fellow employees contribute to another's retirement party, it is called a pool.

What are the pros and cons of an ecosmart pool system?

Pros: No chlorine = no chlorine smell, no fading of bathing suits, no green hair (for blondes), no raw eyes (from opening underwater), skin doesn't feel gross after swimming (as with traditional chlorine system).. Cons: Not a hugely used system so people at the pool place will tell you conflicting ( Full Answer )

How do you calculate volume of a pool?

It depends on what kind of shape the pool has. If the pool has a rectangular shape, you need to multiply the depth with the width and length.

What is the best pool surface for the money?

Fiberglass is by far the lowest maintenance pool surface currently available. The life expectancy is more than 40 years, and the surface will require resurfacing only twice, under normal conditions.

How do you calculate pool volume?

If the pool is cubic (square) Volume = length*width*depth If the pool is circular Volume = pi*radius 2 *depth

Pool of money?

An amount of money to which people have contributed for a particular purpose. The word Kitty also applies, mainly in reference to money in the 'pot' during a card game, or a fund made up as a portion of each pot in a poker game

How to calculate pro rata bonus percentages?

To calculate pro rata bonus percentages you need to determine howyou want to prorate the amount and how much you need to prorate.Online pro rata calculators are the easiest way to calculatepercentages.

What are the pros and cons of chlorination in swimming pools?

Chlorine specifically or all types of sanitizers. You need to have a sanitizer to keep the water clean. Chlorine and Bromine are the two most popular. There is other less common sanitizers. And remember, using a salt system does not mean you don't have chlorine. A salt system uses the salt to genera ( Full Answer )

What are Pros and cons for soft money?

In the 1930's a lot of Germans and German groups found serious fault with Adolf Hitler and personally financed ads publicizing their opinions critical of Hitlers policies and financial theories. The "Brown Shirts" set about supporting Hitler and silenced all public opposition, permanently. As I r ( Full Answer )

How do you find the pool wizard calculator?

i have a pool that has a 10 by 30 foot width/length and a 4 to 11 ft shallow to deep end depth ; how man gallons, an estimate is this? the pool is a standard square?

What is the formula to calculate for swimming pool steel?

there is no specific calculations. finally the amount of steel and the distribution depends on the following points 1-the land quality 2-the stability of land 3-the dynamic force of water inside the pool 4- the pool shape and the load concentration points finally common and normal steel structure ca ( Full Answer )

Pros and cons of medium gray pool?

It gives the pool a different look than standard white. It can also be splotchy and mottled. It will not make the water warmer. This is purely and aesthetic choice. I particularly like the way 8 oz. of blue and 2 oz. of black gives the water a tropical look.

How do you calculate on pro rata basis?

For example: If a person's estate is distributed on a pro rata basis, each claimant in the estate is entitled to that portion of the estate based on the amount of his/her claim. Let's say the estate is currently worth $10,000. You have a claim against the estate for $20,000, and your sister has a ( Full Answer )

How much money do you get when a pro golfer?

It all depends who you are, what tour you play on, what you win and the endorsements you attract. Consider Tiger Woods, in 2008 he earned $110 million from playing and endorsements. Players like Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson would make tens of millions a year in endorsements alone and on course ear ( Full Answer )

What is is a pro taper on a pool cue?

This provides a narrower shaft section further back from the tip than is found on a typical cue. This allows a longer stroke before the cue shaft widens. This is popular for professionals and is the reason it came to be termed the pro taper.

What is the formula for calculating the volume of a pool?

It would depend entirely on the shape of the pool. There are round pools, rectangular pools, heart-shaped pools, and almost any imaginable shape of pool. It would also depend on how the bottom of the pool is constructed. Some pools have equal depths. Some have a shallow end and a deep end. In some ( Full Answer )

How can you make money with a pool table?

You really can't make money with a pool table, but by having your own pool table you can practice often enough to make money playing pool elsewhere. You can host a small pool tournament if you have your own table, and if you are good enough to be the winner, you will win money. However, hosting a sm ( Full Answer )

Is a MacBook Pro worth the money?

No, you can get a PC for 1/3 of the price, and there are versions of Mac that run on PCs now quite well if you know where to look. (PirateBay, for example). Yep, you can get a cheap Windows PC for 1/3 the price of a Mac. And you get exactly what you paid for, which is a cheap PC. Buy a well built ( Full Answer )

How do scientist calculate if a gene pool has changed?

DNA samples in the form of hair, blood, etc. will be taken from a sample population within the population. After that, it's just a matter of seeing what genotypes have change vs. phenotypes to see how the gene is actually inherited. In a "perfect-world" scenario, this equation is referred to as Ha ( Full Answer )

How do you make money from a pool table?

If you practice a lot, many people make money by having tournaments or playing tournaments. Amateur players can make as much money as the new professionals make.

Pros and con to having a pool in school?

pros: swimming can be part of PE; easier to support the swimming team since the pool is at the school cons: hig maintenance cost; increased liability (drowning); increased training to keep pool clean

How do you calculate volume and capacity of swimming pool?

Length X Width X Average Depth will give you the cubic foot capacity of the pool. Than take that number and multiply by 7.48 (gallons of water per cubic foot) Example a 20 x 40 pool that is 3' in the shallow end and 8' in the deep end would calculate like this: 20x40=800 3'+8'=11' / 2 = 5.5' ( Full Answer )

What is the best pool cue for the money?

There is no "best" for the money, as this is subjective. One of the best is Meucci, as they make a wide range from low end to the most expensive non-custom cues ever made. However, their balance is farther back on the butt than most cues, so many would choose a McDermott for the same or lower price ( Full Answer )

What are the pros and cons of using pool covers?

Some of the pros of using a pool cover include that it will help keep the temperature of the water warmer and keep the water cleaner. It can also deter unwanted visitors. The main con of using one would be having to remove it every time you'd like to get in the pool.

Which is the highest rated money calculator which one can purchase?

The highest rated money calculator that one can purchase is not actually defined, there is many out there. The one you are going to want depends on what you are using the calculator for, you may want a simple one for small purchases while you need a larger one for purchases that are much larger as w ( Full Answer )