How do you become a professional soccer player?

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How can you become a professional soccer player quickly?

That's the thing, you just can't become a pro soccer player quickly. It takes a while and alot, alot, alot of hard work, sacrifice and dedication. You have to train regularly and you'll probably want to be on some kind of well organized and fairly competetive team as well. Another thing, if you want (MORE)

What education or training do you need to become a professional football soccer player?

you can't pe professional if you don't invest for practice and keepon training 8 hours a day. moreover you can check out here, this will help you what you wantto be. a coach or best player. You just need to be naturally good and work hard at your game Playfor a sunday team and depending on how old (MORE)

How does a young person become a professional soccer player?

well i think the best way is to work really hard and get better at soccer like the best possible then u need a scout to check u out. im not shure how to get one to come but i know u need one. i plan on plaing in collage and finding a scout during collage so after i retire from soccer or if i dont ma (MORE)

What is it like to be a professional soccer player?

Answer . \nBeing a professional soccer player is hard but very rewarding work. It takes time and effort to join and hold a spot on a team. If you dont give your all, the coaches will know, thus meaning you may lose the spoit you have worked so hard to get.

Would you let your son become a professional Football soccer player?

Yes I would. Football as the king of sports, has hard and fast rules, 90 minutes playing time, low tolerance for drugs and although an endurance sport if you don't allow your son to follow what he does best you are holding him back and you may live to regret it. The standard is incredibly high with (MORE)

Is becoming a professional soccer player a realistic career goal?

Answer . Yes, for those so gifted. But it's been said that 1% of high school athletes go on to play in college and 1% of college athletes go on to play professionally. If you think you're the best of the best and have the dedication to perfect your game, then I wish you the best of luck.. no . (MORE)

How did soccer become a professional sport?

Answer When Association Football (Soccer) was first coded in 1863, the game was strictly amateur. Over the next three decades the game gained in popularity and so did the pressure for Soccer to become a professional sport. Some clubs gave better players illicit payments to retain their services an (MORE)

Professional soccer player?

The most famous professional soccer player is known all over theworld but is now retired. This professional player is DavidBeckham.

How do you become a professional soccer player in Canada?

I can go by experience, in one case anyway. This particular individual played soccer from a very young age at a local soccer club. She stood out from about the age of 8 and constantly practiced. The team moved up to a rep level, competing against local area soccer teams (travel teams, you might say) (MORE)

How does one become a professional soccer player?

How does one become a professional soccer player? It's a long road. A player must learn the game. Learn its rules and the characteristics of the field of play and the equipment. Learning the way the ball moves and learning how one can move to control and direct the ball are critical. (And that darn (MORE)

A professional soccer player?

Well first what you have to be a really god soccer player, and when you are in highschool maybe in your freshman year, some scouts will come out looking. If there interested in you they will offer you a contract. Good question! :)

When did soccer become a professional sport?

Soccer became a Professional sport when teams began paying players to play for their wandering teams in the early 1800's. (Also the reason why many Soccer Teams are called the Wanderers or Rovers) Many teams were a collection of players who were drawn from various areas areas to compete against othe (MORE)

What education and training do you need to become a professional soccer player?

None, They get paid millions to kick a ball around :@ What you need to become a soccer player are, shin guards, a soccerball, socks, cleats, shorts, the right attitude, and commitment! You have to be willing to go to practices and listen to the coach. :) There are absolutely no educational quali (MORE)

Is it hard to become a professional soccer player if you are 19 and are playing for an amateur club?

Hey, i think i know how your feeling right about now, but if you beleive, and never give up, your heart will tell you whether its hard or easy. I would highly reccoment you to really look at your life and whats important to you, if its soccer, begin focusing your mind on soccer right at this momen (MORE)

Fastest professional soccer player?

Cristiano Ronaldo - Ronaldo is a two-footed player, allowing him to play anywhere up front: right, left or through the middle. This has enabled Ronaldo and left winger Ryan Giggs to switch wings occasionally, helping Manchester United further confuse their opponents. Ronaldo is renowned for his (MORE)

How can you become a professional footballer or soccer player?

To become a professional football player you must enter the NFL (National Football League). To join you would have to talk to the comissioner of the NFL. Then if he accepts you will be in the free agency pool and you would be waiting for a team to sign you.

How does it take to become a professional soccer player?

Well first you need to have a talent then you need to have support from you're parents, then you need a lot of money: it deepens in witch part of world you live in, then you need to sharp that talent with a lot of hard work and you must not let the school stay still because if you get bad injury you (MORE)

How o you become a United States professional soccer player?

Same way it works all over the world, you need to have the requisite skill to warrent a trial at a club then impress the team enough for them to want to sign you.. The US is different to most leagues as in the central league management system control players contracts, i.e. you play for your team s (MORE)

How do you become a professional soccer player while living in Africa?

Just work hard at it and keep practicing. Work on your fitness and improve your skills. Join a local team and work your way up, you may eventually get scouted, and depending on your age you may be brought into an academy in Europe, such as England. But if I can give you some advice, be very careful (MORE)

How fit are professional soccer players?

Anyone can train. The WAY in which you train is what will determine how fit you can get and how quickly you improve. You need guidance from professional resources such as the Forward in Football training book series. (soccer training) Nothing compares to Forward in Football books. Visit for (MORE)

How can someone become a professional soccer player?

to become professional.practicing with good effort and hardwork to become a professional can make a person perfect.though no one cant be perfect.playing with different players learning tricks,tactics,passes,shoots,crosses, isn't the thing learning means earning if u sweat it out u can become one of (MORE)

What job outlook you need to become a professional soccer player?

Professional athletes play sports for a living. They have achieved top standing in their chosen field through years of training. Professional athletes are people with natural talent, stamina, and competitive drive. They have excellent reflexes and coordination and are well disciplined when (MORE)

What are some professional soccer players?

Present Players Cristiano Ronaldo Carlos Tevez Lionel Messi Karim Benzema Nigel De Jong Angel Di Maria Sergio 'Kun' Aguero Wayne Rooney Patrice Evra Former Players Diego Maradona Gary Lineker