How do you become a fast runner?

Try working out first. If you build up your core muscles first, you will have more power. Thus, when your running you won't have to use up as much energy by using your legs. A (MORE)

How can you become a good runner?

\nAs a runner myself being a senior at high school, it's important to listen to your body.\nStart out walking if it feels right. Then gradually begin to start jogging in your (MORE)

How do you become a stronger runner?

The best way to become a stronger runner is to NOT use weights ankle weights!. instead try these and practise them 3-5 times a week for about 10 mins:. - running suicides (r (MORE)

What can you do to become a better runner?

PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. Constantly strive to achieve more and moreeach day. Run harder runs and hilly, longer runs and always try todo a run faster than the previous time. Als (MORE)
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How can you become a good crosscountry runner?

I have been running crosscountry for 3 years now and if theres three things you need to know about become the best runner you can become it is 1. train hard. - you become a (MORE)

How do you become an Olympic runner?

well all you gotta do is train really hard and you Will get their and u must have lots of energy not really old no offence u could faint in the middle of it LOL do take (MORE)