How do you become an air ambulance pilot?

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How do you become an air force pilot?

There aremany different routes to becoming an Air Force pilot. All US Air Force pilots are commissioned officers. To be acommissioned officer in the Air Force, you must have

What is a helicopter air ambulance pilot salary?

Generally they start around $40K annually and increase with experience and flight time.. Additional information:. Helicopter pilot salary links at the bottom of this website

Can a air force pilot become a blue angel pilot?

The short answer is yes. My brother served in both the Air Force, then trained as a naval pilot and became a Blue Angel. He was in the military for about 18 years (including a

Who are the Supervisors for Air Ambulance Pilots?

Lead Pilot is the most common position title. Pilots are completely separated from the rest of the crew of air ambulances, for safety reasons. They could be flying mail, poult

How can you become an ambulance helicopter pilot?

Probably the best way is to go into the navy/raf or army as a helicoptor pilot for a few years and then apply to your AirAmb unit with years of expeience. That's how people i

What it is air ambulance?

A plane or helicopter that functions just as a ground ambulance, but they are faster and usually used in inter-facility transports. These air ambulances are oftened staffed wi
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Can you become a pilot in the air force if you are slightly color blind?

No... My brother was kicked out of the Air Force because he was blind to hue's (shades) of red and purple. I'm in the air force, and I have pretty severe color blindness.
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Can Indian air force pilot become an astronaut?

Yes: Rakesh Sharma was a former Indian Air Force test pilot and became a cosmonaut. He became a cosmonaut only because he flew with the Russians, if he had flown with a Euro