How do you care for a newborn baby?

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What do you call the people that care for newborn babies when they first were born?

The doctors who care for newborn babies are obstetricians orpediatricians. Neonatologists handle the most complex and high-risksituations. Depending on what their job entails,

How do you care for newborn baby rabbits?

The best thing you can do is leave well alone! Rabbits are very good mothers and will care for their kits perfectly by themselves. Just make sure your doe has plenty of good q

What is a virtual game you can take care of a newborn baby?

Baby Luv game(downloads required)see link. You can go on I tried it and it is GREAT You get to take care of a virtual 3d baby! or you can go to

How do you care for newborn found baby rabbits?

The best way to care for the babies is to feed them human baby formula through a dropper. Other than that keep them in a warm dark enviroment. It's sad, but true, they don't h

How do you take care of a newborn baby parakeet?

The best option is to allow the mother to take care of the baby.If the mother will not take care of the baby parakeet then you will have to feed it using a dropper which you c

What is newborn baby care?

For New born baby care you have to choose the best care products tomaintain his skin smooth, supple and nourishing.

How do you take care of a newborn baby possum?

I would not give it or any baby, kitten or puppy, cows milk. In the case of a possum, crush up some high protein cat food, dilute with small amount of water and give it in an

How do you take care a newborn baby?

well to take care of a newborn you need the right equipment, now because babys eat, cry, poo, wee, sleep you need the right equipment to take care of that challenge, hope that