How do you change the screen lock pattern on TW1 DUO?

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What is a duo?

a duo is a pair or two of the same a comedy team a dancing team in a contest

How do i get the screen lock off your ipod nano?

You have to go on itunes and click restore. This will make it go to it's original settings and erase all your music. Before you do this make sure you backup all your music. I just did this. If you don't want to lose your music: (Note: I did this in Linux, so you non Linux users might have a littl (MORE)

If you forget your screen lock what should you do?

Try until it disables the iPod... If you don't have it by then a good idea is to restore it, but since it's locked,iTunes won't let you in. Right? Well, I hope you have the stuff on there sitting in iTunes because if you don't then you're screwed, you have to DFU restore it.... Plug it up to your co (MORE)

How do you turn off screen Lock on zune?

on the top of your zune on the left side, there should be a little bar thing and next to it a lock icon. slide that bar to the left to unlock it and to the right to lock it. and you can check what you have under the battery. the lock icon shows its locked and either the play or pause icon for its un (MORE)

How do you take screen lock off your ipod?

on top of your ipod there should be a switch. if you see orange the screen lock is on. just move the switch and it should cover the orange and the screen lock is off. hope this helped

Does the LG Ally have pattern lock?

The LG ally does have pattern lock but the lock pattern can not be changed from every time the phone locks it self (after however long you have the screen timer for or when you press the end button) to just on the start up, which is a huge disappointment.

How do you lock your iphone from having the screen flip?

double click on the home button, a tiny bar at the bottom of your screen will appear. slide your finger to the right and it will scroll to the left. scroll on notch and at the very left an icon will appear next to the reverse (for music) button. click it, and it will lock the screen innervation, whe (MORE)

How do you get the i phone off screen lock?

press the top button in the upper left corner and then slide the arrow on the screen that appears that says "slide to unlock". If this doesn't work press home button and slide the arrow across the screen.

What are the cloud patterns for a tornado on a radar screen?

Radar does not scan for cloud patterns. In the case of finding a tornado it looks at wind speed. If a winds are moving very fast towards the radar and winds moving fast awaay from it in a small area, it means strong rotation and a possible tornado.

How do you get the screen lock on an ipod nano?

Simply select Extras off the main menu, and pick screen lock. You can also put it on the main menu for easy accesss by going to Settings > General > Main Menu, and slecting Screen Lock.

What do you do when your i pod touch screen locks?

Press the home button. (the one at the bottom do you iPod) It will show you a screen asking you to slide to unlock. Slide the little gray button with a finger until you can't slide it anymore. Hope that helps you :) :)

How do you lock a touch screen?

If you look at the ipod at a birds eye veiw and look at the top right corner, along the top rim there is a button. if you hit it it locks or if you leave it for a certain amount of time it shuts off automaticly...

How do you use the fingerprint lock on pimp your screen?

Passwords can provide good security for your computer and your files, but those passwords can only go so far. Passwords can be lost or stolen, or a clever hacker can use a program to capture the passwords or even guess them. Biometric security takes physical security a step further by requiring user (MORE)

How do you put pattern lock on a iPhone 4?

jailbreak your iphone: , go to cydia and add to sources. or just type: .go to it. go to "androidlock xt cracked" install it, go to settings>androidlock xt and choose your choices

How do you get android lock screen on your iPod touch?

Unfortunately, its not possible yet. the itunes app store does not have a app that allows you to get the cool android screen lock pattern. The only way to get android screen lock is to jailbreak your ipod touch (if you do not know wat jailbreak it just google it) if you jailbreak your ipod touch, yo (MORE)

How do you bypass the droid RAZR lock screen?

If u hav a HDMI dock then your set. Simply put RAZR to sleep and plug it into the dock where u will be lead to the choose type of dock thing (never select always use my option) and hit back until you r led 2 the home screen. You need the accesorries package. Dann09xx out!

What is iPod touch screen lock?

Press the lock/sleep button located on the top right of the ipod (top left for 2nd gen). It will look turned off but you simply press the button again or the home button to wake it up and "slide to unlock" on the bottom of the screen.

How do you remove the i tunes connection which locked in the screen?

1.Sync with itunes and back it up 2. Click restore 3. Let restore do its stuff 4. Click to restore the backup you just made. 5. Let it sync eveything back to your ipod. 6. Set a new password for your ipod (optional) 7. Your done and secure again. Process may take awhile depending on computer, device (MORE)

How do you turn off the lock screen on your iPhone?

You can extend the default time i.e one minute up to five minutes or permanentaly turn that off. Simply go to settings and tap on it, then tap on general and you will see different options. Now tap on auto lock from these settings.