How do you chat with friends on Facebook without being on Facebook?

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How do you view pictures on facebook without being friends?

You can only view the photos if the owner has published them so that you as a facebook user have the right to see them. Facebook currently allows to publish an album to "Every

How do you get on Facebook without friends being aware?

The only way other people know that you are online Facebook at the moment is if they are your friend and you are on chat. You can become invisible on all your friends chat pan

How can you see a friends facebook chats?

If you mean there chats with other people you need to have acess to their account and can only view recent chats with conversations they have left open. but if you mean conve

How can friends chat now on Facebook?

There is Facebook chat that allows you to speak with anyone among your friends that are online. It is much like instant messengers. There is also a video chat that allows one