How do you chat with friends on Facebook without being on Facebook?

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How do you chat with your friends on aim without being in a chat room?

If one of your friends is online you double click on their screen name. .

Why can't you play YoVille without being on Facebook?

You can also play it on myspace and if you don't want to be on facebook or myspace go to the yoville website and play it there.

Can you view photos on Facebook without being a friend?

yes as long as the person lets everyone look at there photos if not well sorry u can't

How do you chat on Facebook?

One the lower right hand corner of your logged in screen, there should be a small tab saying Chat. Click that tab, it will show you how many people are available for chatting click one of the people to open up a chat box with them! Alternatively, you can consider using a Facebook chat client like Adium (Mac) or Chit Chat for Facebook (Windows).see right bottom of your screen. you will find there chat written inside a small box. if you click on it u can see u r frnds which r online. click on the person u want to chat nd a box appears thn you can chat der

Can friends read your facebook chats?

of course no when you chat with a friend they have no idea what you are saying. That is why they call it "private Chat"

How do you get Facebook chat?

To chat using Facebook, you must log in. Locate the bar across the bottom, and use the settings on the right of it, to go online or offline. You must be online to chat. If you have friends that are also online, click on the "online friends" part, and click on their name. You can now chat with them.

How you know if one of your friend block you from Facebook without delete you?

\n. \nWhen someone has blocked you from their Facebook, you won't be able to know if they have also deleted you.

Facebook how do you chat?

Add people as friends, and when they are on facebook, they will appear in the Chat menu in the bar at the bottom. Click on someone's name to chat with them.

How to chat in Facebook?

at the bottom right side of facebook page there is a rectangular box on which it is written chat click on it . there are names of your friends at there if their is anyone on chat then it will be indicated by a green point at the side of your friends name then click on it . a box will appear . type anything in the box that you want and then hit enter button on the keyboard . you can only chat if your friend is online if you want to learn more about facebook and computer the visit windows tricky at this link -

How do you view pictures on facebook without being friends?

You can only view the photos if the owner has published them so that you as a facebook user have the right to see them. Facebook currently allows to publish an album to "Everyone", "Friends of Friends", "Friends", "Only me". So if the pictures are published only for friends, you have to fight to get into the friends group.

How do you get on Facebook without friends being aware?

The only way other people know that you are online Facebook at the moment is if they are your friend and you are on chat. You can become invisible on all your friends chat panels if you go to the "Go Offline" Option in your chat panel and click that.

How to chat on Facebook?

There is an icon in the bottom corner of the screen, and if clickedon, it enables the user to chat with the friends that they haveadded to Facebook. Bagshad :)

How do you get chat on Facebook?

its easy all u do is go on yr profile an it is on the bottom of the page click on it and click on who you want to chat to then click on the blank space type and hit enter and yr done

How do you get friends on Facebook?

You can either give people friend requests or you can click on the 'find friends' button and it will sugget lots of friends to send reqests to. xx

How do you answer chat on Facebook?

On the bottom right and side click on chat and anyone with a green dot next to them is online click on them then u can talk 2 them

How do you leave a chat message on Facebook to be seen later by a friend?

you need to comment in her/his achievement that he/she post or comment in his/her photos

Can you hide what you do on Facebook from your friends on Facebook?

Yes you can click remove if they write it on your page and if your on chat click clear history which is near the top Hope it helps!!! X . There is customization such as, sharing your status with only the friends you want to share it with.

Can you view a Facebook profile without being a friend?

If the user of the profile marks his info to be visible to everyone, then you shall see it without being friend.

How do you stop being friends to someone on Facebook?

How do you stop being friends to someone on facebook? 1) go on to your facebook profile, scroll down to your freinds list (under your profile pic and infomation), you should the scroll down again to find somthing on the left hand side called lists the press freinds, your freinds list should come up and just simply press the X botton. 2)go on to that persons facebook profile and scroll down and on the bottem-middle left hand side it will say remove from freind list press that. xxxxx

How can you log on to Facebook without being seen?

Click on chatbox while logged in, when you open it, there will be asmall gear on the upper right corner. Click it, then click onAvailable to chat.

Who do you chat with on Facebook?

When your friends are online, at the botom of your page there will be a button called Chat (1) eg. (how many friends are online) and you click on it and select a friend to start chatting with

How do you get the chat on Facebook?

It should already pop up on your computer why you sign in.It will not work if you are on a phone.If it does not work go to your friends profile who you would like to chat with and on the side where it says poke friend send friend a message their should also be on that say chat or tlak to a friend a click on it and their you go.

How do you chat with Facebook?

After logging in see on the left hand side. There you will see a list of your friends which are added in your Facebook network. If your friend is online you can start the chat instantly.

How do you answer a chat on Facebook?

Hey . I have an account on facebook and i am great with it . You answer a chat on facebook when the little blue bar pops up on the bottom of your screen then you click on it and just type in what you want to say ; Hey , How are you , Good morning , ect . Hope this helped .

How can you get on facebook without it being blocked?

Well, you can use a proxy, and the one that I use is ...It usually works well, so you can try it.

How do you answer friends on Facebook?

Well i don't get what you mean by how you answer them. It could be by chat or requests but I'll do both. Chat: Simply click your friends name and answer back by typing- That simple. Requests: On the top left corner you will find a small blue (if you aren't accepthing anything) or a light shade of blue and dark shade with a number (depends on how many request you). When you find it click it then it will say either accept or decline and its optional for you to choose. Thank you for reading my answer by -Starbursting-Answers-

How does one access a friend's Facebook without being a member of Facebook?

im sorry but you cannot access your friends facebook acount unless you have one your self

How do you know if they are chatting with another friend on facebook?

if my friends in facebook but he is in offline , how i know , he is not or there in facebook. i want to know whether he opened his facebook or not. tell the procedures to find it

Why can't I see my friend in the Facebook-chat when my other friends can see him and write to him?

Maybe cuz he blocked u or unfriended u or he made himself offline to u.

How does the chat screen work and how do you get friends videos on Facebook?

if ur on fb on the phone then neither will work but if ur on laptop u hav 2 hav webcamm and click the chat bar 2 chat

Can you video chat on Facebook with someone who is not a Facebook friend?

Well, kind of. there is a thing on Facebook called My Yearbook and you can video chat with a bunch of people that aren't your friends.

How do you talk to your friends outside of school without a facebook or a phone?

You can either: a. Send them an email b. Get Google Talk c. Meet up with them

Why would a friend block you from Facebook but chat with you on MSN Messenger?

Maybe this person is interested in someone on Facebook and doesn't want you to know...players/cheaters do this quite often

How can you see a friends facebook chats?

If you mean there chats with other people you need to have acess to their account and can only view recent chats with conversations they have left open. but if you mean conversations you have had with your own friends then you need to open a conversation with them when there online and hope that the chat is still logged.

How do you see friends chats while their chatting on Facebook?

You can't unless you are chatting with them. That is the only conversations you will see, the ones between you and them.

Can you search someone up on facebook without being loged on?

Yeah, I'd suggest you to try the site listed below, which allows to search on Facebook without logging in by keywords and shows relevant facebook pages as well as recent posts of people on facebook with such keywords.

How can you see someones wall on facebook without being a friend?

you cant, its all down to the individuals privacy settings some people allow you to see something some allow all and some allow nothing

How do you make creator of Facebook on Facebook chat?

putnam: Another way : First download an image of creator of facebook and then go to and select that image from your pc.. the app will then process your image and give you the code for your image for using on fb chat. Just copy the code and paste in your chat box. you are done with your own custom emoticon :)

Is it possible to play monster galaxy without being on facebook?

No, unfortunately not. Monster Galaxy is a game made for Facebook like Hotel City or Mafia Wars.

How can you chat with vanessa hudges without facebook?

i guess if you are her friend you can give her a message. wait until she replies then ask her if you guys can talk. and btw why would you even talk to her lol jk

How are friends reading twitter and facebook account without permission?

This will be due to your privacy settings. On Twitter, you can prevent anyone seeing your profile by "protecting your tweets". This means you have to approve anyone who wishes to follow you.

What is a friend on Facebook?

A friend on Facebook is someone you have a connection to-- given the access that you have been granted to view their profile and socialize with.

How do you play Words With Friends without facebook?

I use my iPod, and I do not have a Facebook. It is a free app, and you can use your smartphone as well.

How do you know when friends are online chat on iPad for Facebook?

Sadly, it doesn't. Unless you have the iPad app for Facebook. The iPad app for facebook has a menu on the right side of the screen. the green circle means that someone is online and the grey "O" means that they are offline. If you don't have the app then ask if someone will message you, or check rcent posts. You'll se the date and time of the post and your friend will be online. Hope this helped! Jordan

How do you get a chat on Facebook?

Click on the chat button below the screen. If there is no chat Icon then I think you should contact facebook, they may be an error.

How do I join answerscom without being a facebook member?

Ask Mark Zuckerberg, but I don't think he'll tell. I believe he wants to force you into Facebook, where your life is without privacy any more, whether you like it or not. Personally I have forgone joining.

Can you see what device your friends on facebook are using to chat with you?

If a person isn't online you can message them via mobile, but there is no indication as to if they are chatting with you on the computer or on their phone.

Can you video chat on facebook without a camera?

No you cannot do video chat on Facebook without web cam. Video Chat = Camera Chat

How can friends chat now on Facebook?

There is Facebook chat that allows you to speak with anyone among your friends that are online. It is much like instant messengers. There is also a video chat that allows one to communicate through a device that has video capabilities.

How can people send a text message to their friends without being online on Facebook?

By texting them using their cellphone. They can also use a program like Textfree or Yahoo Messenger to send messages to people on Facebook while not on Facebook.