Who is Big Brother?

A fictional character in the book "1984" by George Orwell. In that book BB was said to be the leader of Oceania, an empire comprising the Western Hemisphere, Australia and the (MORE)

Did Danielle and Nick from Big Brother 8 break up?

yes they did, she didn't agree with his top five. she thought brad pitt is definitely hotter than Matthew mccaunahey ANSWER On Big Brother 9 tonight (3-19) they did an inter (MORE)

Do the Jonas Brothers ever get sick?

Of course! Everyone gets sick from time to time. On a recent episode of "Jonas Brothers: Living the Dream" , the Jonas Brothers got sick, and they had to get a doctor to chec (MORE)

How do you beat big brothers up?

Probably shouldn't... . You could learn how to fight for self-defense like karate or something like that. Although, if all else fails, kicking a guy right where a guy doesn't (MORE)

What does it mean if you dream your brother is sick?

One possibility is that your brother in this dream represents yourself. In this case, you may have a physical ailment or condition of which you are not yet aware, and it might (MORE)