How to clean a deep fat fryer?

Start by draining all the oil. Most fryers used in the industry are made from stainless steel so a steel scrubby should be safe to use on then. Fill it with water to cool it d (MORE)

How do you clean oil from deep fryer?

Before you do anything, make sure that the oil has cooled down signifigantly (or preferably all the way down to room-temperature) before trying to filter and store it away. I (MORE)
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Where does one buy commercial fryers?

Commercial Fryers are available through many online stores. However, the company, 'Peter Stott Ltd UK' has a vast selection of fryers. They are located at :3 Moor View Close (MORE)

What companies manufacture commercial deep fryers?

The best company that sell deep fryers are Frymasters because theyare at extremely low prices for a lot of stuff on it. You can evenbuy one with a fridge. A China supplier (MORE)
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What is the average cost for a commercial chip fryer?

A commercial chip fryer ranges from $150 to $400 in cost, depending on the size of the fryer and the manufacturing company. Another important factor that determines the cost i (MORE)