How do you clean the outside of your oven door after the self cleaning cycleThe top of the oven door is stained from the burn off after the cycle It is stained?

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How do you clean an egg stain from concrete and a painted metal door?

Answer . to get an egg stain off of a concrete driveway, go to your local pool supply and get a bottle of muratic careful not to get any on yourself, children or p

How do you clean a self cleaning oven?

The trick is in the name 'self cleaning'. Here's my answer : I have a Kenmore self cleaning oven and just used that function for the very first time and it works wonders. H

The oven door won't open after the self cleaning cycle on your fridgidaire stove has started?

Answer . Self cleaning ovens on many brands lock the oven door when the self cleaning cycle has started. This is because the oven heats up to a very high temp to burn off t

How can you open the oven door to clean the inside of the glass?

Glass oven doors are commonly double-glazed to keep the efficiency of the oven. Otherwise, the heat would leak out. These are sealed units, and there should be no need to clea

How should you clean a toaster oven glass door?

I recently had a glass top stove installed in my kitchen. The installer told me that if the stove top cleaner didn't remove the residue of baked on food, to use a window pain

How do you clean your oven door?

The best time to remove burnt-on grease from glass oven door is right after you finish baking, while the door is still hot. Open the door horizontally, apply your oven cleaner

How do you do oven cleaning on self-cleaning oven?

This one is too easy to answer. All you have to do is push the button that says self cleaning and then push the start button. If you do not see this button than you do not hav

How to clean self-cleaning oven?

How to clean "self-cleaning oven"? Although "self-cleaning oven" cleans itself, you still need to clean it before and after operating the self-cleaning mode:. Remove oven

How do you clean the outside of your oven door after the self-cleaning cycleThe top of the oven door is stained from the burn off after the cycle It is stained?

Buy some oven cleaner that contains sodium hydroxide (caustic lye). Lye is used to clean ovens manually. You must be very careful when using any type of cleaner that contains
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How do you clean hard water stains off glass shower door?

White vinegar has been proven to work to remove hard water stains from glass shower doors. See the step by step method below... Natural Formula to Use: ½ liter white vin
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How do you clean self cleaning oven?

There is usually a knob located just under the stove top that when moved locks the oven door. Once you've done this, simply press the button or turn the knob to self clean. It
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How can you clean old hard water stains off shower doors?

Hard water is a term that means the water has lots of minerals - hard water stains are solid deposits of those minerals left behind when the water evaporates. The water initia
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How do you clean stains in dutch oven?

There are a few ways to get bad stains off of cookware. First-- we are assuming you mean food stains-- cooked on. If your stain is from something like paint or crayon, you'l