How do you connect bluetooth head phone with nokia e5?

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How to connect your bluetooth phone to a hi-fi?

You have to use Bluetooth Audio Receiver. For example like: . Anycom BAR-10 .

How do you setup email on Nokia E5?

Nokia Messaging Push Email Setup on Nokia E5 There are lots of issues and problems reported about people have trouble setting up Nokia Messaging account on Nokia E5, below a

How do you connect cars bluetooth to phone?

Steps for connecting phone Bluetooth to car: 1) Switch on the Bluetooth of mobile phone. 2) Change the mode of car audio system to Bluetooth. 3) Click on an option for searc

How ww connect bluetooth headset to nokia 5233?

Switch off yourbluetooth device and switch off your cell phone, Switch on your cellphone and then open bluetooth and make sure it's active and is notin hidden mode. Now make