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What happens if you connect 3 ohms impedance speakers to a 8 ohms impedancece amplifier?

Sorry, but there is really no amplifier on the market with 8 ohms output impedance.   The output impedance of a power amplifier is always less than 0.5 ohms. We use no impe (MORE)

How do you match amplifier and speaker watts?

Short Answer: Try to get speakers with an RMS wattage rating roughly equal to the RMS wattage rating of the amplifier (per channel). Further Information: If you amplifie (MORE)

Will 4 5.5 ohm speakers connect to an amplifier with a 16 ohm output impedance?

Answer . Yes, they will. One can connect anything to anything else. Will it work? If so, how well? Is it safe? If the four speakers are connected in series, the total imped (MORE)

Can you connect a 300W amplifier to a 60W amplifier?

The only way to connect a 300W amplier to a 60W amplifier is in series. You would also need to carefully balance the inputs so that the two amplifiers would do exactly their a (MORE)

How do you select speakers with respect to the impedance of the amplifier?

Amplifiers are rated to operate within a range of impedances. Typically, a domestic amplifier will drive a minimum impedance of 8 Ohms or 4 Ohms. Using speakers that have an i (MORE)