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How do you wire altec lansing acs410 speakers to PC?

If this is the same acs 410 i have...i have the subwoofer running the plugs into the wall...and a purple and power wire running from the sub to the smaller speakers (MORE)

Do you connect speakers to receiver or amplifier?

Depends on what your definition of "receiver" is, but most of the time - to the amplifier. Consider: if the receiver is some form of a device that receives some signal, an (MORE)

Why is Altec Lansing a leader in audio electronics?

Altec Lansing is a privately owned company located in San Diego, California, United States. It was founded in 1936 by James B. Lansing & All Technical Service Company. Altec L (MORE)
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Where can you buy Altec lansing speakers?

For Altec lansing speakers to enjoy great sound experience, one can buy them in local electronics stores or purchase in online stores such Amazon, eBay, etc. or even buy them (MORE)
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What is a Altec Lansing inMotion used for?

An Altec Lansing inMotion is used for docking your iPod in to have a portable audio system. An Altec Lansing inMotion can be bought at Wal-Mart, Amazon and eBay.
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