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How many kids does juanita bynum has?"   i realy just wanna know   i will be glad if the answer will rich me so soon   thanks and GOD bless  (MORE)

Was juanita bynum really on HSN?

No, she was never on that show. Check out this website for the truth behind the article. Long story short, the author created a satirical article and it was unfortunately spre (MORE)

Why does Juanita Bynum sign her name Juanita Bynum II?

Juanita, on her 50th birthday, in January 2009, had a ceremony of redefinition. After her divorce and all the surrounding reports around her abusive marriage, she, after hav (MORE)
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What is Juanita Bynum famous for?

Juanita Bynum is famous for a lot of things such as gospel singer, Evangelist on TV, and she also is an author. She also had some legal altercation with failure to show to cou (MORE)