Rename iPhone photo albums?

There is no simple way to rename iPhone photo albums because all photos in iPhone photo albums stored as binary format ITHMDB photo database, there are 5 type of database as b (MORE)
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How do you delete a photo from an iphone?

Follow these instructions to delete a photo from your iPhone: . Go to the "Photos" app. . Go to the relevant album that has the photo you wish to delete (e.g. Camera Roll (MORE)

How do you transfer photos from the iPhone to a computer?

Part 1: For WindowsComputer Users Method 1: Transfer Photos from iPhone to PCwith Windows AutoPlay . Connect your iPhone to computer with USB cable > SelectImport Pi (MORE)

How do you create photo folders on iphone?

With help of "photo folder app" you can create as many folders as you want to arrange your photographs plus you can filter photos based on keywords contained within an image's (MORE)
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How do you send photos from iPhone to iPhone by bluetooth?

Download the Bump app which is free from the App Store which allows you to send pictures and much more by just tapping your iPhones together. You can do it via following st (MORE)