How do you create an awareness campaign for senior citizens on first aid?

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First of all we have to divide senior citizens into categories like literate senior citizens, illiterate senior citizens and those senior citizens which are dependent on their children for their health related matters. Government should introduce some small policies in rural areas related to first aid so that illiterate can act immediately and understand their health related requirements. The best way to promote first aid among illitrates is by organising some streetplays or daramas Etc......Since being illiterate, they cannot read written instructions. Pictures of presentations can also be used......
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What is the senior citizen population in Florida?

According to, the estimated population of persons 65 and older in Florida is 3,037,704. It is 16.8% of Florida's total population.

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What are songs that senior citizens love?

  In most cases it will be the songs that they loved when they were teenagers.

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Are you a senior citizen at age 55?

yes I am 55 and over -- Depends on where you live. Around here, it's generally seen as 60 and over.

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