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How do you cut swag curtain?

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Who invented swag?

"Swag" originates from Old Scandinavian.   In English, it translates as "a loose bulging bag" and is used to  describe either the bag that a burglar uses to carry stolen

What is a swag lamp?

A swag lamp is a light fixture that is hung from one or more hooks from the ceiling and is usually plugged into a wall receptacle. They were used in homes in the 70's for deco

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How do you get swag bucks?

The best way is to put everything (anything that cost money) on hold for 2 or 3 weeks, work your tail off and save every cent, then you can buy the "SWAG" you want. Keep in mi

Is swag money?

no, swagg is how youu dress && present yourself (clothing wise)

What rhymes with swag?

tagbagdaggagfaghagjaglagmagnagragsagwag agh - exclamation of frustration bag - sack gag - choke hag - old woman, crone, etc. jag - uncontrollable bout of emotion or ac

What does swag mean?

There are several meanings for swag. 1. To Australians, a swag is the rolled-up bundle of one's possessions when travelling on the road. It usually consists of a simple blank

What is swag?

"Swag" is the shortened form of swagger.   For example: "Man, Joe has some wicked swag."   "Don't you mean swagger."

What does swag stand for?

Someone Who Adores Girls or Secretly We Are Gay -doesja

How do you have swag?

well you gotta have sum kool colthes and be stuntin hard Gotta be super hot like me, style your hair with a bang, tshirt, yoga pants, deep eyeshadow, dark nails or if you r
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What swag means?

you have no life if you say this
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Are you swag?

No. On the contrary, I'd like to see those who use the term "swag"beheaded.