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What are curtains?

Curtains are things that can block you from too much sunlight in the shelter, or blocks what you don't want to see from outside.

What is swag?

"Swag" is the shortened form of swagger.   For example: "Man, Joe has some wicked swag."   "Don't you mean swagger."

How do you have swag?

well you gotta have sum kool colthes and be stuntin hard Gotta be super hot like me, style your hair with a bang, tshirt, yoga pants, deep eyeshadow, dark nails or if you r

Why do you have curtains?

So people don't look in on us when we are getting dressed or undressed. It is basically for privacy.. Well I think curtains are the great way to decorate our home. In my home

What is a curtain?

Curtain is a cloth that hang on the windows or doors as a segment between area. Its also uses for decorating the houses and protection from sharp sunlight.

How have swag.?

Swag is a slang word meaning 'lots of ' something, or to hurry, or as a synonym for 'loot' .

Can you have swag?

why ofc you can have swag, sometimes you have to be careful though  because you might have swag overload!! but also be cautious of  being swagless. you must also take swag p

How can a shower curtain rod be cut to size safely?

Once you have determined the proper drape of your shower curtain as it hangs from the rod, you can then determine the length the rod need to be. If the rod needs to be shorten

Where can one go to order custom cut window curtains?

Custom made curtains are probably best obtained from a local specialist soft furnishings business. Word of mouth recommendations are good in this sector or you could use a loc
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Are you swag?

No. On the contrary, I'd like to see those who use the term "swag"beheaded.