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How do you derive a demand curve using indifference curve?

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What is indifference curve approach?

indifference curve approach show the combination of two goods that an individual would be willing to buy, and which would make the buyer equally satisfied (or different). indi (MORE)

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Do indifference curve meet?

Indifference curves are the graphical representation of the preferences of an individual. In microeconomics there are three assumptions about preferences in order for them to (MORE)

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Why indifference curve is convex to origin?

Indifference curve is convex to the origin.This means that the slope of indifference curve decreases as we move the curve from left to right.This can be explained in terms of (MORE)

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Describe the characteristics of indifference curve?

Properties/Characteristics of Indifference Curve:    Definition, Explanation and Diagram:An indifference curve shows combination of goods between which a person is ind (MORE)

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Why indifference curve cannot intersect?

Because if they intersected, they would not be "indiffernece" curves. Imagine two intersecting ICs, call them x and y. That means that all points on y have the same utility. A (MORE)

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What is indifference Curve?

indifference curve is the graphical representation of the bundles of commodities for a given income level or budget that yields equal satisfaction at all the points.
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