How do you determine who the father is?

There are prenatal paternity tests now, usually they can be done around 12-21 weeks (starting at 3-4 months.) It's still a good idea to a paternity test upon the child's birth (MORE)

How do you determine your race if your father is black and your mother is white?

Race is not a determinable concept. There's no specific test to determine if you're white or black or anything else. You're whatever you want to be. Once upon a time there wer (MORE)
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How is race determined?

genetics Race is NOT determined by gentics. Actually.......The mapping of the human genome has proven that the outward, physical manifestations of race are determined by (MORE)

How do you determine your race if your mother is white and your father is hispanic?

You would have to know the race of the father. Hispanic is an ethnicity or culture. Hispanic race typically consist of mix of white european (often spain) and native american. (MORE)

How do you determine your race if your father is white and your mother is black?

you would be biracial which means you are of two races no matter the races and who is of what race. Answer: No test or definition of race exists to allow this question to (MORE)
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Does the father determines the race of a child?

Its a simple answer YES the father determines the race of the child. The man carries the seed therefore thats what the child is. To give an example if i plant an apple tree in (MORE)
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How do you determine race if your father is Mexican and from Mexico and mother is white and from the US but child was born in US?

Mexican is a nationality, not a race; you should note at least 10%of the Mexican population is also white. You are asking somethingon the line of "if an American marries anoth (MORE)