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In ancient Rome race was the determining factor of slavery?

No. Do not confuse ancient slavery, Roman or any other people's,  with American slavery. Race had nothing whatsoever to do with  ancient slavery. Ancient slavery was determi (MORE)

Is a horse race purse size determined by the amount of betting on the race?

no the purse is determinded on the race when you bet you get some money fromo the purse if the horse u bet on wins  Actually, the Purse has nothing to do with the amount of m (MORE)
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Does the father determines the race of a child?

Its a simple answer YES the father determines the race of the child. The man carries the seed therefore thats what the child is. To give an example if i plant an apple tree in (MORE)

What Determines the Race of a Child?

Due to genetics, a child will be of the same race(s) of his or her  parents. Race is often defined as a group of individuals who share  genetic and/ or physical traits. Howe (MORE)