Is the Aliph Jawbone headset compatible with the Samsung Blackjack?

Yes. I have a blackjack and a jawbone.. It's a great phone and a WONDERFUL headset.. Just be sure to read the instructions on how to activate the "Pairing" Feature of the ja (MORE)

Is the plantronics 340 headset compatible with the Samsung Blackjack II?

Yes, the Plantronics Explorer 340 is compatible with the Samsung Blackjack. Once you make your cell phone discoverable, then put the Plantronics Explorer 300 series headset in (MORE)

How do you download music to your blackjack ii?

First of all you must have a music file on your computer. second put the USB cord in the computer and to your device. Drag the music file into your device on the computer. If (MORE)

How many Gigabytes of internal storage does a Samsung Blackjack phone have?

The simple answer is: None!\nThe Samsung Blackjack and Blackjack II both have no Internal Storage, but instead have a MicroSD port. MicroSD cards measure 5 mm × 11 mm × (MORE)