How do you download songs on a Sony mp3 player?

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Sony mp3 players tend to be only compatible with PC (windows-based computers). Make sure you have one of those, first! If any discs came, install them! Most of the time you plug in a cable and your computer recognizes the device. It might turn on automatically when plugged in, but if it doesn't, turn it on.
If you're looking for a specific source, downloading programs such as "Kazaa" or "Ares" have a "Shared Folder" in which your songs are stored. These should be dragged to the folder or source that opens when you plug in your device.

It should be mentioned some of the Sony MP3 Players require you to use special software and likely you can't just drag and drop in windows explorer like we would all hope and expect. The one i have experience with is 1gb that plays MP3 , WMA , WAV , ATRAC3 , ATRAC3plus, has an FM tuner and built in USB plug.

You should be able to use most any app that support portable devices for example in Windows Media player you go through your playlist or add the songs you want to a playlist then click SYNC at the top right click the song you want and click 'Add to Sync' then when your done selecting click START SYNC. You may have to add your music collection to WindowsMediaPLAYER if you're like me you never use it. I THINK Winamp and Sonic will let your SYNC your player but i am quite sure iTunes will not.
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