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What do alkaloids do?

Alkaloids are nitrogen-based organic compounds that are commonly made from plants, which are nitrogen based. Demethyltryptamine (DMT) is a good example of an alkaloid made by (MORE)

Mitragyna stiplosa tree used for?

Indigenous to West Africa, a Mitragyna species with Uncaria-like alkaloids (Rhynchophylline) reportedly used traditionally in the treatment of Malaria. Phytochemical investiga (MORE)
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Is cocaine extracted from a tree or not?

Cocaine is extracted from leaves of the coca plant, which is more like a bush than a tree.
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What are alkaloides?

Alkaloids are the natural nitrogenous organic compounds mostly are basic they have a medicinal value.
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How is latex extracted from rubber tree?

You simply drill a hole into the bark of the tree, and place a collection cup underneath the 'wound' - it allows a small amount of sap to be released, and seals itself over ti (MORE)

What is asclepias speciosa?

Asclepias speciosa is commonly known as showy milkweed. It is one of the least toxic milkweed and is found across the US and Canada. Hummingbirds and monarch butterflies are a (MORE)