How do you get FaceTime on iPhone?

You cannot get FaceTime if you don't have it already. Only the iPhone 4, 4S and 5 support FaceTime. You can find the FaceTime button in any contact on your phone.

Is FaceTime only iPhone 4 to iPhone?

Original Answer by Chohw0916 Edited by Arianna Lovendino For now, yes. Facetime is only available to iPhone 4. As far as Iknow, however, Apple is working to make Facetime ava (MORE)

What is FaceTime on iPhone?

FaceTime allows you to communicate with family and friends face to face in a video call. You can communicate with others who have an IPhone,IPod,or IPad. FaceTime is free b (MORE)

Where is FaceTime on iPhone 4?

There is no app for it, you have to add someone to your contacts that also has an iphone 4 and from their page in your contacts there is a "Facetime" button.
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Can you FaceTime with more than one person on the iphone 4?

Me and my frind feel theres no way to but we were reading another article bout it and it said that this girls friend was able to do iot she added to emails to one contact and (MORE)

Can you install FaceTime on your iPhone 4?

iPhone 4's (as well as iPod Touch 4th gens) should already have FaceTime installed on them. If the app is not showing up on your homescreen, go to Settings>FaceTime> and make (MORE)