How do you get a billion chips in zynga poker?

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Are there 1 billion free Zynga Chips?

Please note that the site offering these is a Phishing site and is intended to steal your facebook account do not go to that website, caution******.

Free Zynga Texas holdem chips?

You can download and install the Zynga Game Bar, which lets you collect free poker chips every eight hours. or you can come to this site: to get free Zynga Game cards for your chips

How do you delete poker buddies on Zynga poker Facebook?

how do i delete some of my poker buddies on here cause some of mybuddies don;t have an x there to delete them ,what do i do Answer : press on Profile on the left ,, then you will find on thetop of your profile show buddies , and from there you will find allyour buddies friend on facebook or not , an (MORE)

Are there Zynga poker cheats?

yes, if you download cheat engine 5.5 and type in how many chips you have, you can multiply them by anything, x10, x100, maybe even x1000 ! you could be a billionaire! :D

Can you cheat on Zynga poker?

You can't cheat since the game is server sided. download Zynga Poker Cheats here for free

How do you reset zynga poker on Facebook?

You must go to Privacy Settings under Account, and down towards the bottom under Applications and Websites click on the blue Edit your settings link. This will bring up a page of the apps/sites that have access to your facebook information because you have allowed them to in the past. Here you may r (MORE)

Is Zynga poker rigged?

Here is some insight on the topic in a short article that takes some insight from people who have a lot of real money poker experience talking about their Zynga experiences some key excerpts form the article: "I d (MORE)

How do you complain to Zynga poker?

Several times afterbuy chips from Zynga poker and play the system making manymistakes Many times the handis belong to me but will make the other players as winner. Many times that Ihave the high hand that %100 present will be win suddenly will makeme Out of the table andshow too slow, this happen (MORE)

What do the poker chips stand for in poker?

In poker the chips have a value, this value indicates how much that particular chip is worth. There are "Live Casino Chips", which value is a reflection of how much money they are worth. (For instance a $5 chip is worth $5). There are also "Tournament Chips", their value is a reflection of how much (MORE)

Are there any surveys you can complete that give you Zynga poker chips?

There is but I don't remember. Staying on Facebook(stay on the website I didn't went anywhere else) and looking for it while playing the game, you would probably find the survey. I had it once and legitimately earned one million by answering trivia question in Believe or not it didn't (MORE)

How do you get Zynga Texas hold-em poker bot for free?

There is ways, But zynga would catch on eventually and take the chips won. The bots that are on zynga, are ran by zynga, they give you cards to lose on, so you buy more and more and more, then get conned by the're bots again.

Can you use Facebook credits on zynga poker?

No zynga does not accept facebook credits for buying chips _______________________ another answer: i recently bought zynga chips using my zynga dashboard, my payment was automatically converted to facebook credits, which apparantly cannot be converted into zynga chips, zynga support dont t (MORE)

Hide from friends on Zynga poker?

At this time, there is no way to hide from friends while playingZynga poker. If there is a particular "friend" you don't want toplay with, you can easily remove them from your friends list.

How do you get 1 billion Zynga poker chips?

make 2 accounts buy or win 100m chips use your laptop and an other device add ur account to on all tables in lobby find one empty invite ur other account.swap chips back to each other leave table go into lobby,ur chip count will rise up to whatever amount you won.repeat again and again (MORE)

How do you get the dirt bike item in Zynga poker?

You can not get it no more remember the tool bar you had to download that came down with like a completion task like invite 10 Friends share gold dice and all that it was only on for like 5 days but i was lucky enough to get it if you could sell items a man offered me 50 mill for it lol he had 498 m (MORE)

Does cheat engine really work in Zynga poker?

i dont think any 'cheat engine' present today would be able alter the gameplay of a flash based batch command processing. neither have i seen one working. but who knows whats coming in the future!!

What does share bonus mean in zynga poker?

sharing a bonus on zynga poker posts a message on your wall and people can click claim bonus and it gives them a few bonus chips on your behalf, but it wont deduct from your chip stack :)

Why are you unnable to sit in zynga poker?

Sometimes Zynga offers tables for only 5-6 players. However it shows all seats, you can only sit down if there are less than 6 or 5 players on that table. Look at the lobby to verify how much players can join that table.

Does Zynga offer internet poker?

Zynga does in fact offer a few varieties of internet games such as, Zynga Poker (texas hold'em), black jack, farmville, and Mafia Wars, all of which are commonly played on the social network site Facebook.

How do you remove buddy on zynga poker on iPhone?

I tried and all the directions didn't make sense. Finally someoneadvised to do it from computer Facebook/Zynga Poker (whichI had never accessed before) and it worked. From computer ZyngaPoker screen, click on Profile on left and you'll see buddies, andeach has an "X" so you can delete.

Why pay the tip dealer in zynga poker?

Incredible! I finally received Unlimited Chips and Gold for Freeafter searching for weeks.Link: tinyurl .com/lowgsmb (delete thespace between tinyurl and .com for the link to work)