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How do you set time on Canon Laser Class 3170 FAX?

  To Set the Time and Date:   1. To open the USER SETTINGS MENU. Open all three of the One-touch speed dialing panels. Then press the button labeled "Data Registration" (MORE)
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How do you print a confirmation page on a canon laser class 2060p fax?

  I found this I hope will help. Manuel   Transmission (TX) Reports   The LASER CLASS 2060P normally prints a report only when an error   occurs during sendin (MORE)

How do I get a confirmation print out after sending a fax on a canon laser class 730i?

From the user manual section 11-12:     1 Open all three one-touch speed dialing panels.   2 Press [Data Registration].   3 Press [▼] or [▲] until appea (MORE)

How do you broadcast fax on a Laser 3170?

The user manual lists sequential broadcasting under section 6-22 -  see related links section for a copy of the user manual.
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How do you take off the time stamp on Canon Laser Class 3170 FAX?

It does not appear that this feature is available - as quoted from  the manual in section 3-12,    "According to recent amendments to the FCC rules governmening  theu (MORE)