What is a surge resistor?

A surge resistor is a resistor installed in a circuit to prevent a "surge" when conditions arise where a surge might occur. That might be a bit wordy, but that's the answer. L (MORE)

What is a surge hem?

A "serged" hem is the kind of hem you'll find in most store-bought clothes. It is made with a sewing machine called a "serger" that uses three or four threads and a blade near (MORE)

What is electrical surge?

Also referred to as "spikes," electrical surges are sudden, brief rises in voltage and/or current to a connected load. They may originate inside or outside any home or busines (MORE)

What is surge suppression?

Surge absorber is not accepted terminology. More information is needed. You can do an internet search for the term and you will get an answer.

HOw to get to Lt Surge?

First go to the S.S. Anne and battle all the trainers. Second before you enter the captains room you will have to battle your rival make sure you have potions and other heal (MORE)