How do you get past the castle grounds in vampires curse on poptropica?

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How do you get past the castle grounds in vampires curse on poptropica?
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After Season 2, you decided to quit your job, ditch the SUR crew, and move to NYC to pursue a career in fashion. Was there a final straw moment when you knew that you were donezo with SUR and the crew?

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How do you get in the castle in poptropica vampires curse?

First, after you deafeat the were-wolf, you go to the other side of the broken bridge and go to the right. Once you do that, you will find some graves, mind those, they arn't (MORE)
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How do i use the bow ans arrow on vampires curse in poptropica?

You press the space bar to shoot them at the wooden wall and then hop on them to the top!
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What do you do at the castle on vampire's curse island?

To reach the castle: Get the crowbar and Teen Novel from the crypt in the cemetery, then use the downspout from the second crypt to send water from the pump into the moat. E (MORE)