How do you get to brams castle in poptropica on vampire curse island?

you go to the grave yard and go into one of the graves. next you will find Katya's novel (a book) and a wrench propped agaist the left side of the statue, then you go int to t (MORE)

What do you do in vampires curse on poptropica?

You have to go through a lot ! FIRST you have to defeat the stallion and then go really fast too the tree and click on the hollow hole and then click on the nearest tree bra (MORE)

How do you get in the castle in poptropica vampires curse?

First, after you deafeat the were-wolf, you go to the other side of the broken bridge and go to the right. Once you do that, you will find some graves, mind those, they arn't (MORE)

What do you do in the castle in vampire curse island?

In the castle, you run to the fireplace and place in the log, then if you have the teen vampire romance novel, use it in the fire place too, then jump on the springy thing nex (MORE)

What do you do after you get into the castle in Vampire's Curse on Poptropica?

First, you build a fire with the pages from the book and the fire. Then you find the ladder and move it to the extreme side of the room. Then go back to the fire and take a pi (MORE)