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How do you heat the wolfsbane on vampires curse island on poptropica?

take the 2nd shot cannon ball put it in the fire then move it with the spear next to the fire and move it to the lever box. Then go up to the room with microscope, and push th (MORE)

How do you get in the castle in poptropica vampires curse?

First, after you deafeat the were-wolf, you go to the other side of the broken bridge and go to the right. Once you do that, you will find some graves, mind those, they arn't (MORE)

Where do you find the mandrake root in vampires curse on poptropica?

Katya tells you that we need to cure Count Bram's vampirism and that the Root Causes book will help us find all the ingredients for the cure. Head out of her room to the left (MORE)

How do you get tiny on the vampires curse island in poptropica?

If your charecter says that you have to be tiny in order to go  through that door you have to become a member because it provides  you with extra bonus's. Don't listen to th (MORE)