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Where is the armory attic in vampire curse island?

You reach the attic by entering the armory. After you enter the armory you fire all three cannon balls by using the candles in the Main Hall. Now, climb the cannon and enter t (MORE)

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How do you beat Vampire's Curse Island on Poptropica?

Vampire's Curse Island is the 25th island in Poptropica. It was released for paid monthly members (and as a partial demo) on March 1, 2012, and for free general use on March 2 (MORE)

How do you get in the castle in poptropica vampires curse?

First, after you deafeat the were-wolf, you go to the other side of the broken bridge and go to the right. Once you do that, you will find some graves, mind those, they arn't (MORE)

What do you do in the castle on vampire's curse island?

Once you cross the moat (using the downspout to fill the moat), push the three rocks (two left, one right) onto the geysers to reach the broken window. Inside the castle, yo (MORE)

How do you do a curse to turn into a vampire?

  There are no curses to turn oneself (or someone else) into a vampire, but it is believed that if one commits a sin, they will become a vampire when they die because thei (MORE)