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Why is the sea of tranquility different from other seas?

the sea of tranquility is different to other different seas because it is on the moon and it dose not have water in it but it has lava which got in there by an explosion which (MORE)

What can you do on woozworld?

On our ol' good Woozworld you can do many things. For example, create an avatar and chat with friends, buy clothes with beex and wooz, hangout, take photos, and precipitate in (MORE)

What is Woozworld?

Woozworld is a virtual world for kids age 9+. It's where kids can  chat, trade, design, buy, earn, and hang out ..woozworld is when u  could text go on a tour and have fun l (MORE)

Which sea does not exist sea of tranquility or dead sea?

Both exist, as in there is an area with that name. Both are not  bodies of water. The Sea of Tranquility is an area on Earth's moon  but has no water. The Dead Sea is a body (MORE)

What is a Tranquilizer?

A tranquilizer is drug that calms an organism. This can sometimes paralyzes the organism but the main function of a tranquilizer is to incapacitate the organism in someway.
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What are tranquilizers?

A tranquilizer is anything that induces a feeling of calm and relaxation, for example music, a baby's soother, medication etc.
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