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What is vagina and penis?

    The penis is a part of a man's body that is responsible for peeing and for reproduction. It is an appendage that hangs down in the front of the man's body between (MORE)
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Can the large vagina reduce when the penis is small?

Yes. The vagina automatically attempts to grip anything placed inside, while sexually aroused. Frequent and "enjoyable" sex with a penis that is smaller than the woman is ac (MORE)
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Will small vagina hurt with big penis?

In the beginning, yes. Vagina's are capable of expanding to accommodate large penis'. This usually requires making the woman aroused, and inserting the penis slowly and gradua (MORE)

How very big penis insert in small vagina?

First of all, you need a lot of lubricant on the penis and the girl should be horny and wet to make intercourse easier, and the girl should also finger herself regularly in or (MORE)