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Do chickens have vaginas?

Chickens have a cloaca, that is the dual purpose organ that sperm enters, eggs exit and so does waste matter. Both the rooster and the hen have cloaca. The roosters cloaca pro (MORE)

Do athletic girls have better vaginas?

Athletic girls are generally physically fit and healthy individuals. Healthy bodies usually include healthy body parts, so the answer would probably be yes with the exception (MORE)

Do cows have vaginas?

They certainly do! Since a cow is a female mature bovine, that makes her able to possess female sex organs such as a vagina, a vulva, uterus, and ovaries in order to conceive (MORE)

Do boys lick girls vaginas?

Some do, some don't. If your boyfriend won't do it, don't be afraid to ask why -- it could be something as simple as washing first. Of course, if you want BF to do this, he mi (MORE)

Fear of vaginas?

It does exist; but there is no reason to fear them. They are a part of the human body just like hands, feet, head, etc.
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