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Do chickens have vaginas?

Chickens have a cloaca, that is the dual purpose organ that sperm enters, eggs exit and so does waste matter. Both the rooster and the hen have cloaca. The roosters cloaca pro (MORE)

How do professionals pierce vaginas?

There are several types of exotic piercings available for Male and Female clients. If you are interested in an exotic piercing I would suggest you contact your local body pier (MORE)

Do athletic girls have better vaginas?

Athletic girls are generally physically fit and healthy individuals. Healthy bodies usually include healthy body parts, so the answer would probably be yes with the exception (MORE)

What are vaginas suppose to smell like?

All females have a certain smell; but it's not bad, it's kinda a musky smell. Some men find it a turn as do I. If it has a fishy smell it is likely a sign of the STD Trich.
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How small can a small intestine be?

A human small intestine is in actuality quite long, the word "small" refers to the intestine's diameter. However, it can be cut to fairly short lengths, as some medical condit (MORE)

The Most Aggravating Irritation: Vaginitis

Usually you go through life without thinking too much about your various body parts. Sure, you're aware of them, but you don't think too much about them until there's somethin (MORE)

Vaginal Itch: Irritating and Embarrassing

You're sitting on a bus when suddenly you are incredibly itchy in an area you really can't touch in public. This itchiness is not in a place you might be able to access unobtr (MORE)