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Are barracudas small?

    Well, size is relative, however the size of a barracuda may vary (depending on its gender) between 6 to 12 feet in length, 8 to 16 inches in width, and can be 100 (MORE)

Does a kangaroo have three vaginas?

Yes and no. Female kangaroos have what are called paired lateral vaginae. These are for the purpose of transporting the sperm to the womb, but there is a midline pseudovagin (MORE)

Do chickens have vaginas?

Chickens have a cloaca, that is the dual purpose organ that sperm enters, eggs exit and so does waste matter. Both the rooster and the hen have cloaca. The roosters cloaca pro (MORE)
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Why do dogs lick human vaginas?

They like the smell [and apparently the taste]. vaginas can become quite pungent and dogs like that sort of thing. I've heard lots of women have dogs just for this kind of thi (MORE)

Do Chinese people have sideways vaginas?

Yes. Because of the location of china in relation to the northern hemisphere and the temperature differences between china and the equator and the pollution of oxygen and wate (MORE)

Does yoga make vaginas tighter?

Yoga will improve your overall health in many ways, but if better control of your vaginal muscles is your main focus , Kegel exercises is what you want. These are internal exe (MORE)

Why are small people small?

People are small because if alot of there family members are small they can come out like that also.
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Why do Muslims cut their vaginas?

Female genital mutilation is not a Muslim tradition per se, but an  African tradition. There are numerous African Animist and Christian  tribes, and even one Jewish Tribe, t (MORE)