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Are there small vaginas?

As an adult American male, and having traveled often to Asia, Chinese women in general have very small and tight vaginas. I am of average length and circumference, and it alwa (MORE)
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Vagina and penis?

Vagina is the girls and the penis is the boy which the penis goes in the vagina,
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What if your vagina is to small?

Not sure what you mean by too small. It stretches when something is inserted and then go back to normal size. Trying to insert something when you are not aroused is not recomm (MORE)
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Can the large vagina reduce when the penis is small?

Yes. The vagina automatically attempts to grip anything placed inside, while sexually aroused. Frequent and "enjoyable" sex with a penis that is smaller than the woman is ac (MORE)
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Will small vagina hurt with big penis?

In the beginning, yes. Vagina's are capable of expanding to accommodate large penis'. This usually requires making the woman aroused, and inserting the penis slowly and gradua (MORE)