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How do you go bobsledding?

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Can the public go bobsledding?

Yes! At the Utah Olympic Park in Park City, UT, you can take a ride down the Olympic track in a bobsled. A professional driver can take down 3 passengers. You go about 80 mph

Is bobsledding a sport?

Yes, bobsledding is a sport and men's two and men's four has been an Olympic event since the 1932 Games in Lake Placid. Women's two has been an Olympic event since the 2002 Ga

What force is bobsledding?

Well the force used is centrifuge although you would have thought it was Gravity and Friction.

How fast can you go bobsledding?

The top speed ever recorded on a bobsleigh was 189.9 km/h (118.0 mph) and it was recorded by the Swiss team in the 1998 Winter Olympics.

What is the equiment for bobsledding?

helmets, goggles, elbow, knee, shoulder, and neck pads, skin tight body suits, gloves, and shoes with spikes (for traction on the ice), and most importantly, the bobsled!

Is bobsledding dangerous?

The sliding sports (bobsleigh, luge, skeleton) are considered the most dangerous sports at the Olympics. Luge is by far the most dangerous, as they are the fastest, and expos