How do you heat an 11x7 meter indoor swimming pool using a diesel heater or heat pump?

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How do you wire a swimming pool heat pump?

Answer . Follow the manufacturers instruction manual and code in your area. Or better yet, get a professional to see that all systems are compatible and that you have a ba

When heating an inground pool do you turn on both the heater and the pump?

Answer . If you want to heat your pool you first have to turn on the pump because nothing works without the pump running. You will not get filtration, circulation or hea

What size Btu pool heater will heat a 34500 gallon inground swimming pool?

At a minimum you would need a 400K btu gas heater. This pool is larger than a 20 x 40' pool or 800 sq. ft. Many things dictate the size or sizing of a pool heater such as the

Should an indoor pool be heated?

In the summer the pool does fine not to be heated. It is set on a timer to be filtered and water is treated and kept clean. During the winter the pool is heated at a lower tem

Is a heat pump or gas heater better to heat with for inground pools?

Hi there, Both are good in their own way. The heat pump is cheaper to run than a gas heater but slower to heat water. Reliability is probably more on the side of gas pool h