How do you hook up the Wii you have dish network and a vcrdvd combo player for that tv?

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How to hook up Nintendo Wii to your television.?

Plug the red yellow and green plugs into the corrosponding color plug in your tv in "inputs". It may be in the back. Yellow is the video plug, red is the audio plug, and white is the mono plug. Plug the end of that into the Wii console. Finally, you mount the sensor bar on the top or below your tv. ( Full Answer )

How do you hook up a DVD player to an older tv?

1) If the TV has no RCA inputs, one yellow for video, and a red and white for sound, looks like you need an RF modulator, which converts the video RCA and 2 sound RCA into the RF (Ariel socket) which plugs into old TV's. It will be mono sound. It uses and AC power adapter, or a smaller one uses batt ( Full Answer )

How do you hook up your TV to your Satellite Dish?

You will be needing a satellite tv receiver box to get signals from your satellite dish. A coaxial cable will be connected from your satellite dish and to your satellite receiver box. Once it is connected, an AV cable or HDMI cable will be used to connect the satellite receiver box to your standard ( Full Answer )

What channel is My Network TV on if you have Dish Network?

Each network channel is different for most cities. To find you local channels, you can go to and click on the link, Check TV Schedule, in the upper right hand corner under Login. This will display DISH Network Channel Guides. Select your programming package and input your zip cod ( Full Answer )

Dish network tv codes?

The remote codes can be found at the link provided below; just select the model of your remote and TV.

How do you hook up an iPod to a tv?

Well I've been poking around and i saw that you need a special cable from the apple store or eBay. i don't know how much they cost but its depending on the quality. hoped this helped :D

How do you get a tv program for the Dish network?

If you already have a DISH Network account & equipment installed then you would simply need to login to your online DISH Network account & add the package that contains the TV program that you would like, or you can call DISH Network directly at 1-800-333-3474 & speak with a customer service represe ( Full Answer )

How do you hook up a Wii to a VCR player?

Do you mean to a TV?. If so, there should be a manual, but it sucks. You might find something though. Anyways, just put the right fitting plugs into the holes that match it.

Can you hook up an mp3 player to a tv?

Ofcourse. If you have a flat-screen TV with either an Audio-in or PC-audio in, which is usually a standard 3.5mm female end found in ipods and mp3 players, it is possible. All you need is a cable that has both ends 3.5mm male, so it plugs into the TV and the MP3. This cable can be found online or if ( Full Answer )

How do you set up your new tv for dish network?

To set up your new tv for dish network connect the dish receiver to your television with the type of required coaxial cable. Plug both in with power cords and let your dish box run its scan. The box should automatically set to your television.

Wii is hooked up to TV but it is not in color why?

Check your cable. If you are using a universal component cable, and the switch on the cable is set to video, you will get only black and white on the Wii. Flip the switch to component and your problem may vanish - mine did.

How do you hook up tv and DVD with dish network?

We need more information to properly answer this question. If you already have DISH Network service, are you replacing the TV and adding a DVD player? The DVD player normally plugs directly to the TV either with a RCR, component, or HDMI cable. To find the picture for the DVD player just cycle throu ( Full Answer )

How do you set up a second tv using a dish network dual receiver?

The main pieces of equipment for setting up a second TV on a Dish "dual tuner" receiver include a coaxial cable and an additional remote control. Route each coaxial cable from the individual TV to the main receiver box, and then use the settings on each remote to set the TV preferences.

Comcast or Dish Network or Direct TV?

If you are in to bundles like phone, internet, and television bundles then Comcast would be a better choice for bundling packages. However, if you want a perfect television entertainment packages, it would be either Dish Network and Direct TV. Dish Network is for family entertainment and is cheape ( Full Answer )

How do you hook your dish network to a westinghouse 32in flatscreen tv?

The cable going from your receiver to your old TV, just remove itand connect to your new TV. Depending on the type cable you have toyour receiver, if a coax you will put your TV on channel 3 or 4(usually 3), any other type cable you will put the TV on an inputsetting. Just cycle through your inputs ( Full Answer )

How do you hook up to your dish network box?

Depending upon the receiver you have, you can use a coax, RCA, component, or HDMI cable to connect from the receiver to your TV - coax has the lowest quality picture with HDMI having the highest quality. On the back of the receiver, you have several types of ports for these types of cables. On so ( Full Answer )

How do you hook up dish network to s-video?

You need an S-video cable. One end plugs into your receiver and the other into your TV if you have a port. Once connected, cycle through your input settings on your TV till you find the picture.

How do you hook up dish network to a new tv?

Depending upon the type receiver you have, 3 options are available for connecting the receiver to your TV. With the VIP 211, 211k, 222, 612 receivers, you can use a coax, RCA, component or HDMI cable to connect to your TV; HDMI giving you the highest quality picture if you have HD programming. The ( Full Answer )

How do you hook up wii and DVD with only one AV on tv?

usually if you only have one av hookup on your tv you have to leave the specified DVD Player and Nintendo Wii plugged in and transfer the cords everytime you want to watch or play one and not the are not able to hook both of them up at the same time..unless you have more AV outlets on the ( Full Answer )

What channel is me tv on dish network?

If the area in which you receive your broadcast matters, then inthe Los Angeles area it is on Channel 20. It is considered a"local" channel in each broadcast area and Also part-time andWeekdays part of In Country Television

What is the cable called that hooks your tv to dish?

Coaxial cable RG-6 is used for satellite TV wiring. If you have a HDTV, you would want to use a HDMI cord from your Dish Network receiver to your television. This will give you a great picture!

How do you hook up a hd tv wirelessly to your computer network?

You do not have too many options here. Basically there are only two. First one is if to purchase a wireless adapter for your TV if it supports it. Second one is to use your computer with your TV connected to it. Answer 2 It all depends what you want to do. You can watch films stored on your har ( Full Answer )

What channel is This TV on dish network?

You can go to their main website and input your zip code to find the channel that broadcasts their programs - probably a local channel. Thanks.

How do you hook up Netflix to a television through wii?

The Wii store has a Netflix app and it's free. But first, the Wii will require a wireless connection. All you have to do is download it, go to it, and then enter in your login information. The Wii Netflix is not much different from the website: you can still enable captions/audio changes, still brow ( Full Answer )

What are the codes for a Emerson tv with a build in dvd combo for dish-network?

Here are the codes for your Emerson TV: 632, 672, or 846. I have also provided instructions on how to program our remote to your TV. Address Remote to TV/Other Devices . While at the device location (TV, etc), point the remote at the device. Press and hold the device button on the remote (TV, ( Full Answer )

What is Dish TV network?

Dish TV network (also known as Dish Network) is a pay television service in the United States.

My Dish Network receiver is not showing up on the second TV?

You may not have your Dish satellite receiver on the correct channel if it is a duo (dual receiver). You will need to tune it to either 60 or channel 73. Also, make sure your power to your Dish Network receiver is on -- for the Dish TV duo receiver, you should see a light for TV2 and TV1.

How do you hook up DVD player to a Samsung TV?

The best way would be through a HDMI to HDMI cable. These are fairly common and your TV probably has a HDMI input. Your DVD player might not though. You can also use a S-Video cable however some TV don't have options for this. Another thing you can use is is an AV plug. These are the yellow, white, ( Full Answer )

How do you hook up dish 522dvr to a vizio lcd tv?

You can use RCA cables or coax. You will see on the back of your Dish receiver a TV out for either coax or the RCA cables out, then plug the cable into the input of your TV. Be sure to tune your TV to whatever input you choose to view dish satellite programming.

How do you hook up a sony Blu-ray player to a TV through a DISH receiver?

In most cases you are unable to hookup a Blu-Ray or DVD player through a DISH receiver since they only have outputs, and no inputs. If your Blu-Ray player does have an input, all you would have to do is run a cable from the receiver to the input on the Blu-Ray device, then from the device in to y ( Full Answer )

Do you need to have a HD Dish Network boxes hooked up to the internet?

It is not required to connect the HD receiver to the internet, however connecting it to the internet provides additional bonus features. Some of these features are access to On Demand content, stream certain content, ability to use sling with specific receivers, and allows the receiver to transmit a ( Full Answer )