How do you install a ball check valve in a basement drain?

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check at a plumbing supply , for this, [ball check ]
i also have had good louck by pushing a Tennis ball in to mine then replacing the top plate.
Acts like a stopper,
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How do you remove an old ball check valve from a basement drain?

What you have is a ball check valve, and you could have a comboSanitary/Storm System, The ones I have seen use a squeeze typeinsert into the floor drain, and that nut you are

If a toilet is installed in the basement does it need to be vented separately or can you just tap into the main drain?

Most Toilets in basements are generally already to go ,they are hook in to the main 3" line anyway which goes directly to the roof for ventilation .the toliet in the basement

Can a basement floor drain be tapped into to run the drain from a nearby newly installed basement toilet into it?

If you just plan on putting the toilet on top of the floor drain the answer is no. The floor drain if it leads to a septic system or city sewer would have a trap in the line w

Do you need a drain in the basement in order to install a home water softener in the basement?

Depends upon the plumbing code in your area..... A traditional ion-exchange water softener does need a "drain line". Typically 10-50 gallons of water are sent to the drain du

Installation of the drain pipe for the temperature and pressure relief valve?

It is the drain for the Temperature and Pressure relief valve (T&P valve, or TPV). It's function is to release pressure from the water heater if the pressure or temperature of

What is the best way to install flooring over the main drain in a basement?

Firstly check with the Water Authority/Local Authority that the drain is not a sewer shown on the map of sewers. If it is in fact a drain it should only serve one property, ho

Is there a shower drain with a built in check valve?

You can get a back water valve. It is similar to a check vale/ the back water valve goes on your main sewer line out side of home. It is desined to stop black water form comin

Is check valve and ball valve same?

No Check valves are two-port valves, meaning they have two openings in the body, one for fluid to enter and the other for fluid to leave. There are various types of check val

Can you install a sink without a drain in a basement?

You must lift the sewage up to the place where the sewer pipe leaves the home. Most homes on level sites connected to septic systems have sewer lines close to grade level beca

How to install Drain tiles in basement?

I have done this. The floor drain for a toilet is round making it difficult to cut, but a professional tiler can cut a curve or circle into a tile using a tile saw and grinde
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How do you install ball valve?

1, take down the flange on both sides of the protective cover, in the fully open state of ceramic valves to wash clean.2, before installation should according to the regulat