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How do you install two Dropbox accounts on one computer?

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Is it possible to install two versions of Microsoft office in one computer?

Answer Yes, but you need to be careful which application you install first. There are specific rules related to the specific versions you use. Also, windows usually recognizes

How can one install Windows 7 on a computer?

As long as you have the DVDs this is no problem at all. Simply insert the disk and follow the on screen instructions. Bear in mind that you will have to register and use th

Can you have two email accounts for one computer?

  Yes,   you can use "outlook" or "outlook express" and enter the settings on there to allow you to use quite a few email accounts on there. then to switch between the

How do you have two iTunes accounts on one computer?

Click on the Sign In button underneath the Search box (top right  corner of iTunes store). If the button is showing an email address  click it and then log out of that accou

Can one computer have two facebook accounts?

Sure you can open more than 1 facebook account or gmail account or  any accounts you want you can open them not only in the same  computer but in the same browser so you won

How do you open two Facebook accounts on one computer?

(Use multiple browsers. i.e. internet explorer and mozilla, i do it all the time) easier yet if using IE8. logon to facebook then from the IE file menu select TOOLS>InPriv

How do you Play Two ToonTown Accounts from One Computer?

shadowfreakfanyes if your using mac or PC i am not really sure but the mac one i do know you can try the steps from the mac way on the PC way but not sure if it will work kk h
In Mac OS

Can you install Final Cut Studio 2 on two computers?

  Kind of..... From the legal side, no. Unless you buy a second license. If you install it on two computers that are on the same network, it will get upset. The first