How do you meet rob dyrdek?

Just find his number and call him and ask him if u can skate with him and if u have an idea and you want to share it with the world just ask him and he can help you out

Where is rob dyrdek right now?

He is most likely in beverley hills California but there is no way to tell that answer. it can be answered at different times and he does not stay in one spot like a statue to (MORE)

Who is Rob Dyrdek?

Rob Dyrdek is a pro skateboarder he is sponsored by DC and alien workshop and he has his own show called Rob Dyrdek Fantasy Factory. He used to be on rob and big but that ende (MORE)

What is rob dyrdek?

Rob Dyrek is a famous person that has a Career for skate boarding and is also on a wii game (skate it). Rob also stars on 2 television shows, Fantasy Factory & Rob and b (MORE)

Did rob dyrdek win anything?

Dyrdek set 21 separate Guinness World Records for skateboarding as part of his former show Rob & Big . Some of them are: . Consecutive front-side ollies: 46 (2007, W (MORE)

Is rob dyrdek an?

Rob Drydek is a pro skater sposored by DC and Alienworkshop and is parshall owner of both companies.