How do you learn French easily?

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Ok this sounds odd, but my french teacher said if you want to learn french, WATCH FRENCH TV, it will help with studying, also study french, but you can learn how to SPEAK well by watching the tv, good luck!
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How can you learn to do splits easily?

All that you have to do is practice everyday. Push yourself and hold it there until you relax your legs, because then you know that your muscles have been stretched that far s

How do you learn vibrato easily on the violin?

Learn Vibrato Easily... these are words that just don't go together. Vibrato is an advanced technique and it can take years to master. You can start with various exercise

How do you learn a language easily?

You don't, learning a language is not "easy" no matter what you do. If you study every day it will be "easier" though. But using Rosetta stone products is the best way to le

Is there a program or site that you can learn a different language like French and Spanish easily so that you can talk in that language like you were born and raised there?

No. You will never acquire a language to native-level proficiency easily, if indeed you could EVER be mistaken for a native. You can achieve extremely high levels of proficien

How do you learn a poem by heart easily?

For this question I have provided two methods. METHOD 1: Read the first line of the poem twice, and try as hard as you can to remember it. Then, close your eyes and try

How you can learn spanish easily?

I don't know if there is really an easy way to learn a language, but the most quick way to do it is living in a Spanish speaking country for some time.

How can we learn grammar easily?

You cannot learn grammar easily. It takes commitment and effort, but the more you work at it, the easier it will become.

How can you learn guitar easily?

Well...first you can either take lessons at a guitar session and if that doesn't work out there is this thing on that can also teach you. There are several website

How to learn big answer easily?

be serious when you are learning. make a time table.learn it point wise and revise it 3-4 times it will help you
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How can one easily learn the piano?

It is not easy to learn any musical instrument. It requires considerable practice and dedication. The best way is to find a good piano teacher and have regular lessons and r

How can you learn Visual BASIC easily?

There is no easy way as such. You can use websites to learn it. Agood way is to buy a book and go through it carefully. While theyare good, it is not easy to resolve problems