Why wont my 3gp file work on my W595 Sony Ericsson phone usually it allows me to play 3gp files but some files do not work but they work on my laptop how can i make them work on my phone?

Sometimes it does happen..I don't know why..It really pisses me off..Does it say that the file format is not supported ?? I'm not able to download or send any apps or games t (MORE)

How does cell phone internet work?

Cell phone internet is either EDGE, 3G, or 4G LTE. Your phone has an antenna in it to communicate back and forth with the cell phone tower. Hope this answers your question!

Why does the internet on tracfone phones not work?

Tracfone is not your average carrier. In fact they are not a carrier at all since they contract with well known carriers such as AT&T and Verizon to provide service to Tracfon (MORE)

Why isn't my phones internet working?

You are probaly using too much data or some application is using most data. Delete an app or something you don't use. If that doesn't work is the Internet on your phone on? Al (MORE)

How does a VOIP internet phone peripheral work?

Take the VoIP providers adapter and installation information out of box shipped in. Power everything to off position. start by, connecting the Ethernet cable in LAN port of th (MORE)

How does Skype internet phone service work?

Skype internet phone service works by making voice calls over the internet. Voices are converted into digital data packets that are sent over the internet and then unpacked to (MORE)
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What is head phone?

A headphone is a device that places a small, padded speaker overeach ear. The speakers are held in place by a flexible band thatsits on top of the head. A cable from the headp (MORE)