How do you read an attachment sent to you by email?

Opening Attachments . Messages with attachments are identified by a little paperclip in the message flag column. . Open the message containing the attachment. . On the (MORE)

What is Email attachment?

An email attachment is an added extra to an email being sent to a certain person. It can be pictures, videos or even a web adresss. Next time you send an email give it a go

What is attachment in email?

An attachment is where you attach something from your computer, lets say a music file, word document, pictures or videos to the other party. There is a file size limit you can (MORE)

What is an attachment in a email?

An eMail attachment is a file (e.g. picture, spreadsheet, program)that is encoded into the eMail so that Mail programs can extract,identify, display, and save the file. It is (MORE)


An attachment is a file (text, picture, video, etc) that isattached (fixed) to an email. The attachment does not appear on theface of the email, but has to be opened to be vie (MORE)