How do you move pictures from digital camera memory to flash memory without using a computer?

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How many pictures on 2GB memory card in 7.1 mega pixel digital camera?

Expandable memory cards can range in size from as small as 16MB, all the way up to 4GB (4 Gigabytes or 4,000,000,000 bytes / 4 billion bytes), and range in price from $20-$200. The chart below will give you a basic outline of how much memory a digital image will take up on different size cards, and (MORE)

Can you transfer pictures to a digital memory card from your computer?

Answer . Yes, if your computer has a memory card reader that your particular memory card will fit into and work with. The card reader will allow your computer to read and write to the memory card as though it were any other disk drive, and you can even use the same Windows Explorer to do so.

How do you transfer pictures from camera to memory card?

My best guess would be to use the usb data cord that may have come with your camera to load pics to your computer. After that,I suggest uploading the pics from the comp to your sd card via usb card reader(you can get them on for $10 including shipping) or at The Source for $20.Hope this help (MORE)

How many pictures on 4GB memory card in 8 mega pixel digital camera?

It will hold up to 1,164 8 mega pixel images. However, the settings on the camera can be changed so that the camera takes pictures of a different size. The same memory card can hold over 4,000 2 mega pixel images. Changing these settings will affect the quality and size of the pictures you take.

Is it possible to transfer picture from a computer back to a camera memory stick?

The same way you copy a picture file from your camera or memory stick is the same way you move it back.. With the camera or memory stick still connected to the computer, edit the picture and instead of selecting SAVE under File, select SAVE AS and browse to your memory stick and save it back. If yo (MORE)

How many pictures on 4GB memory card in 10.2 mega pixel digital camera?

Capacity 3.0 MP 5.0 MP 8.0 MP 10 MP 12 MP 16MB 10 9 5 2 2 32MB 25 17 10 5 4 128MB 150 120 80 55 32 256MB 300 240 160 110 71 512MB 600 480 320 225 121 1GB 1200 950 600 400 260 2GB 2400 1900 1200 800 500 4GB* 4000 3000 2000 1500 1000. Capacity 3.0 MP 5.0 MP 8.0 MP 10 MP 12 MP (MORE)

How do you download pictures from the internal memory of the sony digital camera?

Try by removing the memory stick and then attaching the camera to computer with USB cable. Switch on camera. It should open up a dialogue box in Windows XP (or similar OS). Select 'open folder to view file' or open Windows Explorer and open camera folder (probably displayed as new drive E: or like t (MORE)

How many pictures on 2GB memory card in 8 mega pixal digital camera?

2GB card will hold ~585 pictures of 8 megapixels. 2 gigabyte (GB) = 2 billion bytes The size of the image depends on whether the image format iscompressed or not so a 8 megapixel image could range from ~2MB to~24MB per picture. Assume on average ~3.4 MB per image. Here's table showing number pictu (MORE)

How many pictures on 16gb memory card in 8 MP digital camera?

That depends on the size of the image files, which in turn depends on the resolution settings. You can count on about 4,000 at the highest resolution, and thousands more on the lowest. However: your camera may not recognize a 16 GB card, and if it does your PC card reader may not. Check on those (MORE)

How many pictures on 4GB memory card in 12.3 mega pixel digital camera?

It depends entirely on the camera setting for the pictures you're taking. You can set the camera to take hi-resolution pictures, in which case you can take fewer pictures, or lower resolutions, letting you take more pictures. Generally you want higher resolution as you can edit them and there's no c (MORE)

How do you delete memory card from digital camera?

If you mean REMOVE memory card. The memory card is usually under a flap which when opened reveals the memory card, push the card as if pushing it in and it will release the card. Some times the batteries are also housed in the same compartment.. If you mean erase (FORMAT) the card, this facility sh (MORE)

How do you get pictures from a memory card to a computer?

OK so you stick your card into the computer and a box should pop up. you click input pictures and then another box pops up in the lower left hand corner of the screen and it will say import, click it. then it will say tag these pictures and you can tag them or exit, your choice. but then your done. (MORE)

How many pictures on 4GB memory card in 14 mega pixel digital camera?

It would depend on what type of files the pictures are being saved in and how much compression is applied to the camera. RAW files are the biggest. A 4GB card can hold about 150~200 14MP pictures. JPEG files are smaller, and has a very wide range of compression levels. A 4GB card can hold about 70 (MORE)

Why can't a digital camera hold pictures without a memory card?

The memory card is what the digital files are stored on. If you have no memory card in your camera there is nowhere for the camera to store the files. It is like not putting a film in a film camera or trying to burn a CD with no CD inserted to the drive. No Some digital cameras have internal memor (MORE)

I moved my pictures from the computer to my memory stick but when i turn on my camera it says i have no images and all the pictures are in JPEG format so Why can't my camera recognize my pictures?

they may well be in jpeg format but there are other things saved in jpeg other than the pixels of the image, such as camera make, time of capture, aperture etc that can't be controlled manually, which are essential for the camera to recognise images as "it's own", and therefore display them in the p (MORE)

Where is flash memory used?

USB flash drives, SSD drives, computer RAM,hybrid drives (small SSD + hard drive) and graphics cards. Sources: 5 years of working in a PC store.

Why do you need a memory card for a digital camera?

well, pictures need to be stored SOMEWHERE on your camera, right? just like how our memories store information, memory cards store the pictures you take. a camera without a memory card is about as good as no camera at all.

How do you format a memory card on digital cameras?

you click set and keep scrolling right untill it says do you want to format your memory? then you click set again ( because that means ok and if not just click ok ) and there you have it your memory card was formated:)

Can you use your memory card from your camera to download your pictures on your notebook?

Yes you can - there's a number of ways you can do it:- Use a USB cable to connect the camera directly to the notebook, or If the notebook has one, insert the memory card into the multimedia slot, or Use a USB adapter (which is how I do it) - insert the card into the adapter and insert the adapt (MORE)

How many pictures on 4GB memory card in 16 mega pixel digital camera?

It depends on the format that pictures are being saved and the quality in which you're saving them. . If you're using uncompressed RAW (24 bits per pixel) format, then it's about ~70. . If you're using a kind of compressed format then it depends on the format and the quality. For JPEG, at 100% (MORE)

How do you move photos from camera memory to memory card?

The specific method depends on the make and model of the camera. Have a look on the maker's website for information. Basically, go in to your camera settings, look for a camera symbol and an SD card symbol. You should be able to copy the photos from the camera memory to a memory card in system setti (MORE)

Which digital cameras have the most memory?

Digital cameras usually have external memory cards that can hold many picture files. There are different types of cards with different memory sizes ranging from 2 gb to 64 gb.