How do you move pictures from digital camera memory to flash memory without using a computer?

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Can you transfer pictures to a digital memory card from your computer?

Answer . Yes, if your computer has a memory card reader that your particular memory card will fit into and work with. The card reader will allow your computer to read and

How do you download pictures from the internal memory of the sony digital camera?

Try by removing the memory stick and then attaching the camera to computer with USB cable. Switch on camera. It should open up a dialogue box in Windows XP (or similar OS). Se

How do you transfert picture from camera memory card to computer?

connect your camera to PC through usb cable or memory card through memory card reader. then computer will automatically install drivers for it. you can see removable disk in m

Why can't a digital camera hold pictures without a memory card?

The memory card is what the digital files are stored on. If you have no memory card in your camera there is nowhere for the camera to store the files. It is like not putting a

I moved my pictures from the computer to my memory stick but when i turn on my camera it says i have no images and all the pictures are in JPEG format so Why can't my camera recognize my pictures?

they may well be in jpeg format but there are other things saved in jpeg other than the pixels of the image, such as camera make, time of capture, aperture etc that can't be c

Is there a way to put your computer pictures on your camera memory card?

Yes you can, generally, depending on the number of photos and the size of the card. You might even be able to get the camera to read them and display them on its screen as wel