How do you pause a video on ipad2?

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In iPad 2

Why do WMV videos keep pausing every second or so and miss frames?

WMV videos may pause or miss frames if your screen resolution istoo low. They may also pause if your computer has low memory orvirus infection.

How do you make a paused video a picture?

If you have a computer/laptop that has the button that says "PRTSC SYSRQ" on it then click that as your looking at the paused video and then open a paint document and click the big thing that says Paste. Not right click paste but the actual thing that says paste on Microsoft paint.

Antomyn for pause?

Continue, I guess.. thats the only one that I can think of...Well, that and go on, but continue makes more sense...=]

How do you pause a tamagatchi?

To pause a tamagotchi you have to press A and B at the same time and do the same to un pause

Why does my flash player pause after it plays for a few seconds while trying to stream videos and such online?

Right click on the player -> Settings... Turn off hardware acceleration. That fixed it for me.

How do you pause sims?

U go to the toolbar and select the symbol that looks like a straight up equals Sign

What rhymes with pause?

Cause, claws, santa clause, jaws, gnaws, maws, paws, gauze, straws, thaws, pause, laws, applause, in laws... :D claws, jaws, roars, floors, shores, cause, paws, oars, boars, laws, stores, cores, chores, spores (That's all I can think of) jaws gnaws maws cause were Cause, Clause, guaze, laws,paws,saws, Cause, Clause, guaze, laws,paws,saws, Paws,Claws,Jaws. They dont have to have the same letters like au in pause. More would be .... Gauz, flaws... Yeah Theres more but too lazy :D

When I start computer in safe mode it pauses and a Blue screen on computer reads video driver failed to initialize. What can I do to fix this?

You got a BSOD, you need to put in your recovery CD that came with your computer and if you don't have it give your PC to a A+ certified personal

If your recording a video on a Kodak 5.0 camera and I need to pause it how do I pause it while recording?

You cant you can only pause it when your watching it after it has been recorded.

What is pausing?

Pausing is when your tamagotchi does not grow or get hungry. This can delay evolving, so I only recommend it for serious purposes. Push A and B together to pause in versions 1,2,3,4,4.5,and 6. For version 5, use the travel show! Hope it helped!

How do you stop your computer from pausing when watching videos or movies?

To stop a computer from buffering (stopping) try getting the download for the latest adobe flash player. You can also try getting a faster Internet connection or try YouTube or whatever other streaming site during a less busy time.

How do you pause cyberlink youcam during the video?

Unfortuntely you can't pause it because Cyberlink You cam doesn't have a pause feature. That's one of its biggest drawbacks. Al it will do is allow you to stop and start a new video.

Why do YouTube videos keep pausing?

It's your modem, your Internet modem can't keep up with the speed of the video.

On windows movie maker can you pause a video that you've recorded to add a title screen?

You have to Split the video in order to add a title screen to it. Find the spot you want to stop the video and add a title screen. > Click the Split button (below the preview pane) > Click on the second portion of the video > Click Titles and Credits - Choose: Title before selected clip > Now, add your title screen text in the space provided > Make any color,font, animation adjustments > Then click Add Title The title screen should appear in between the Split video. Adjust it as you see fit.

What do you use the pause for?

Going to school or other things when you can't take care of your tamagotchi at the second!

Can you print an image from a paused video on Youtube?

No you cant - its true this answer but you can do it by another way : first , print the screen (while the site opened ) by press ( fn + prt sc) second , go to the power point program and paste it third , save the picture by click right on the picture and ( save as picture ) * chose the the type ( jpeg ) forth , go to the pictures file and click right on the picture and ( open with ) + ( Microsoft office picture manager ) and then press ( edit picture ) and cut what you don't need in the picture by choose ( crop ) . aftter you finish press OK finally , press file and save .

How do you pause a video on a mac book?

You can press pause or, in most applications such as iTunes or QuickTime, pressing the Space bar will toggle the video between playing and pausing.

Can you pause Nintendogs?

I have that game, and no, it doesn't pause. It's meant to be like real dogs-you can't pause them!

Is pause a verb?

The word pause can be used as a verb or noun. It can be used in two contexts. For instance 'there was a pause in the sentence' or 'the boy had to pause after he had been running for hours.'

How do you pause a scene in Windows Movie Maker so that the actual video pauses too when being viewed?

Hit the big pause button underneath the preview screen in the upper right hand corner of your display. If the video is not pausing, then you have an issue. Check to see what type of file your video is, and make sure that WMM can actually read it. A preferable format would probably be .wmv, though I'm not sure if .mov does or doesn't work these days with the new WMM versions.

Why does video pause and stop on your laptop?

It's probably because you didn't let the video buffer. Leave it paused for a couple minutes then come back to it and it in theory shouldn't be stopping every couple seconds.

Why do you tube videos keep pausing?

They do not really pause. They are just streaming, meaning that the video itself is still loading.

How do you pause fraps?

You cannot pause Fraps. The closest thing to it you can do isstop recording, then start a new session to 'un-pause' therecording.

How do you pause video but run audio at the same time on Windows Movie Maker?

You can't run the video's audio while video is paused. But, if you want to hear the video's audio without the distraction of the video, click the + button beside the Video track in the time-line view. Then, click, hold and drag the Audio track down into the Audio/Music track below. Close up the Video track. Then delete the video (or Remove it). The only thing remaining should be the original video's audio in the Audio/Music track. If you want the video back in the project, drag it back down into the Video track.

How do you pause when making a video on your webcam?

It really depends on the type of webcam you have. On mine you press the same button you used to start recording.

While recording a video on the iPhone 4 can you pause it?

No, you can not pause or zoom during the time of recording on the iPhone 4. The only thing you can do is download application such as Qik or other recording in the appstore which they have feature such pause or zoom.

Can a flip camera pause while videoing?

lol... videoing. No unfortunatly you can't pause while recording on any flip camera, which i personally think is retarted. But you can get all of your videos, save them onto your computer, and put them into vegas, after effects, whatever video editing software you use, and put all your videos together as one.

Can you pause the video on the iphone 4?

Depends on what video you're talking about. When a video starts playing (any video, from your iPod, YouTube, Camera, etc.), the controls disappear so they don't obscure the video. To see them, simply tap the screen once. After a few seconds, they will again disappear. If you see them and want them to go away sooner, you also tap once. As for recording videos with the camera, you cannot pause the recording of the video. You can only record uninterrupted videos, meaning one video file will be made from start to stop.

How can you stop your iPod touch freezing and constantly pausing on online videos?

No, I don't think so. What you need is a faster internet connection. Try moving closer to your router. That also could speed up your connection. Also, Before you start the video let it sit (keeping it paused). also try a lower quality video.

How much is an ipad2?

Starting at $519 (for a 16gb) plus tax and extra accessories, should go up to about $600 or more.

Where can you buy ipad2?

ipad2's are the same price no matter where you go. so in this case you might as well go straight to the apple store at least there they employ plenty of staff that can answer nearly any questions about any of their products. the other places that sell them are... . john lewis . carphone warehouse . amazon

How do you pause when recording a video on the iPod Touch?

I really have no clue how. I tried to find out but can't. Here are some other ways. . Put your videos on your computer and edit them together. . Some people say theres a built in editor in you ipod touch (i can't find it but it may be an app) Thats all i have so good luck.

Can you print from an ipad2?

yes,I can. I have a software called Xilisoft iPad Magic.I use it to manage my ipad2. Convenient and amazing, Xilisoft iPad Magic 4 is an all-in-one iPad solutions provider which helps you to manage your iPad in full-scale

Who has IPad2 in stock?

Apple always has the ipad2 on stock if they don't just order it online it only takes like a week

What is the adverb for paused?

There is no typical adverb form of the adjective "paused" (pasttense of to pause). The esoteric, rarely seen adverb forms of the verb are "pausefully"or "pauselessly."

How expensive is an ipad2?

The two cheapest sites that i found were for $499 with free shipping and free engraving. Also at Sams Club for $488 but there isn't any engraving and I don't know if shipping is free. ****DO NOT BUY FROM WALMART MOST XPENSIVE PLACE****

What is ipad2 wifi?

iPad2 comes with two models. One with wifi and another with wifi+3G. iPad2 wifi model can connect to Internet via wifi. Another version have two options. If you are in home with wifi you can connect to it. When you are outside, say at friends home where he don't have wifi, you can use 3G service. For 3G service you need authentic SIM card with 3G service enabled on it.

How do you pause a Flip video camera while recording?

You click the small little red button that you clicked to start the video Sincere Apologies if this hasn't helped but On the bright side I hoped this blog has helped . :D GoodLuck.

What to do when ipad2 freezes?

Hold the home button and the power button at the same time until it shuts off and then restart it

How do you jailbreak an ipad2?

It depends. Go to Settings > General > About. Where it says "Version" if it says 4.3.3 then you can jailbreak it (go to on your iPad.) If it is any other than 4.3.3 then you cannot jailbreak it. Note: If you are on 4.3.4 for 4.3.5 and you have your SHSH blobs saved for 4.3.3, you can downgrade to 4.3.3. and jailbreak. More info:

Is there an android camcorder app that lets you pause a video while recording?

I'm finding out and emailing developers as well as searching forums, I will tell u an answer if I see one, if thia post was a while back and I've forgotten abt this post, pls email me: fan.focus[at]gmail[dot]com

How do i get my iPhone to stop freezing pausing or stopping in the middle of me watching a youtube video on it?

It sounds like your having buffer underrun. When the phone has to wait for the next bit of video to download. I'd try connecting to WiFi if you can.

Do you have to have a computer for the ipad2?

New iPads that come with iOS 5 do not require a computer to setup your iPad. If it's older than iOS 5 then yes you need a computer for setup.

What can ipad2 do?

Alot it can take pictures and it has a brighter screen than an I pad it plays apps and you can look up anything I just got one if your thinking about getting one they rock.

Why was an ipad2 made?

it was made because gadgets change and get better and the ipad 1 is rubbish compared to the ipad 2 i have both and an ipad 3 is coming out in a few months.

How do you pause video in 1100D eos canon?

Unfortunately, you cannot pause on the 1100d. You can only stop and resume recording once you have begun filming. Annoys me too!!

What can you do with an ipad2?

\n. well, threres lots of things you can do with an ipad2. exaples:download apps download movies download music download books, you can download as many of everything as you want but if you download too many apps it starts cutting off pages but if you go to the very first page were you search you can search the app you want. here are some more examples of things you can do on ipad2:play apps, text, facetime, siri, in case you dont know who siri is she is a peorson to gt her go on setting and go to general then click on siri and turn her on. on the ipad2 you also have: settings,clock,notes,reminders, password it can be #s or letters,safari: is internet,contacts,maps,camera,photos,videos,background you can choose it,newsstand,game center,itunes store, app store, words with friends,mail, and minecraft is a good game you should get it.

Why do the videos that you watch on your new computer pause more than your old crappy computer?

I think its because of your Internet Speed.. There's not much difference in watching online videos on a new Computer and on an old Computer... So what causes a video to stream slowly or not stream at all on a computer? Answer: - Slow Internet Speed (less/zero download speed) - Slow Computer - No Flash Installed or Outdated Flash - The Web Browser Is Outdated - Virus

What is a antonym for pause?

to retake, sequence, continuation, continue to move, continue to go forward, start moving again, begin to play once more.

Is paused an adverb?

No, it is not. The word paused is a past tense verb or pastparticiple, or an adjective meaning temporarily stopped.