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The process of posting your own fanfiction is simple, and easy, and requires no complicated scripting, as such. To post a fanfiction, you are required to have an account on, you can gain an account, by clicking the Register button in the top-right part of the screen.

Getting an Account

Firstly, it will show you the fanfiction Terms of Service, that you must read, and then press Agree, to show that you agree with the rules have made.
Then, enter a desired Pen Name (you can change this later,) enter your e-mail address, then verify it by typing it again, and, do the same for your password. You must also tick the two boxes below saying "Yes, I have read and accepted the Terms of Service," and "Yes, I'm at least 13 years old."
Lastly, you must enter an image verification, it will give you a picture of a word or two, that you must type in the box. This is just to make sure you are not a bot, and is nothing more. Now that you have your account, you can login, and check your secure account details.

Uploading Document

There are several tabs you can enter, on your account, you can explore these later, but, for now, you just need the account. Now, write your fanfiction story, and save it under a file that you will be able to find easily. Then, go onto the Documents tab, and you will see a box labelled "Upload New Document."
There, you will have a space to give the document a label, don't worry, this isn't what the chapter will be called, unless you want to so name it. Then, browse your files for the document with your fanfiction chapter in it - your fanfiction should be uploaded in chapters, by the way, not, the whole story in one thing, unless the whole story is chapterless, and it's just that chapter. Make sure that, out of the two circles, Story, and DocX, below the submit button, the Story circle is checked.

Submitting Story

Then, press the Submit Button, and, if gone successfully, your document will upload. One side detail, though, after creating your account, you must wait for a while before you can upload documents, it won't let you do so for a while, nor will it allow you to make a story for a while longer, either. When you have the first chapter of your story, go onto the Stories tab, and, click the Guidelines Tab.
Read them quickly, then, at the bottom, click, "Yes, I have read and agreed to the content guidelines. It will take you back up to the top, where you can either click, from there, to create a New Story, or click on the Tab next to Guidelines, to create a new story. It will present you with a window, asking you what category you want to place your story under, meaning, what Game, or TV Show, or Anime, or Cartoon, etc, do you want to place it under?

Once you have chosen, it will give you a screen where you can change all the settings for your story. There is a space for a title, and a synopsis, the title can only be 50 characters long, the synopsis, only 200 characters long. Below, you choose what language it's written in, and what Fiction Rating it is. (See the fanfiction Guidelines for more details in the Stories tab.) You can also choose two genres for your story, and whether it's In-Progress, or Complete.
Lastly, select the document you saved earlier, from a list, and that will add that chapter to the story. Click save, then, view the Contents/Chapters tab, to see your Chapter, currently un-named. Click edit if you wish to name it.
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