How do you program an rca450 remote control?

took me awhile but I figured it out ok Put your TV/DVD/VCR on hold in what you want to program TV/DVD/VCR BUTTON (you dont need codes or anything) then while holdi (MORE)

How do I program a Sharper image smart universal jumbo remote control?

Turn the electronic device on that you want to use with the remote. . Point that remote at the device and press the "Code Search" button the remote. Hold that button down f (MORE)

How do you program dish network remote to work magnavox tv?

The steps below can assist you in programming the remote to your Magnavox TV or any other TV with our DISH remotes. Addressing Remote to TV: 1.) Press and hold the clear (MORE)

How do you program a dish network remote to a magnavox dp100mw8b DVD player?

To address the remote to your DVD player, just follow the steps below! Addressing Remote to DVD: 1.) Press and hold the clear AUX button until all mode lights light up. (MORE)