How do you program a hrmc-15 remote to a sanyo tv?

Press TV, it should light up. Release and press (SELECT & MUTE) and hold for 1 to 2 seconds. Release both buttons and the TV button should remain lit. Enter 008 first and i (MORE)

How do you program your rca remote rcr312w for sanyo tv?

I want to tell you what just worked for me.... 1. Turn the component on that you want to program. 2. Press and hold that component key (TV, VCR/DVD, or SAT/CBL) on your remo (MORE)

How do you program dish network remote to work Sanyo TV?

I have provided instructions on how to program your remote to your Sanyo TV. I have also provided the codes that should work for your TV. Codes: 590, 683, 589, 090, 591, 11 (MORE)