How do you program a sharp tv with a RCA remote?

Without knowing the remote model number, I would do this: To do a brand code search for Sharp: Manually turn on the TV. Hold down the "TV" button on the remote....while holdin (MORE)

How do you program insignia remote control to a sharp tv?

you cant. . If you have a Insignia Digital converter and you want the remote to turn on the TV then: 1) Turn on the TV manually 2) hold down the "TV Power Button" 3) continua (MORE)

How do you program a dish network remote to work with a sharp tv?

Here are the codes to try for your Sharp TV: 741, 739, 628, 740, 526, or 608. Here is the instructions on how to program the remote to your TV. Address Remote to TV . Wh (MORE)

How can you program the DISH remote to the Sharp TV?

The steps to program a remote to a TV are below! Addressing Remote to TV: 1.) Press and hold the clear TV button until all mode lights light up. 2.) Release and TV lig (MORE)