Code for sentry universal remote for soyo tv?

Answer . The auto button is for auto code. Hold it down for 3 seconds and wiat till it stops blinking. Make sure you select the TV button first or if they blink after you p (MORE)

How can you program a sentry really big universal remote to your Direct TV HD receiver?

What I did to program. Hit "tv" and then hold down "code search" until it turns the light on. Then hit the on/off button until it turns off the took at least 20 tim (MORE)
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Where can I get the user manual for Sentry RMC10 remote?

here is the site for it where you can download the code book on most remotes you can find the codes f (MORE)

How can you program the DISH remote to the Sharp TV?

The steps to program a remote to a TV are below! Addressing Remote to TV: 1.) Press and hold the clear TV button until all mode lights light up. 2.) Release and TV lig (MORE)