How do you put two hairstyles at once on meez?

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Step 1: Take ALL items that you're glitching off your meez and click "save".  Step 2:  Create an outfit.  ~Make sure all items are already in your closet.~  Step 3:  STOP!!!  Step 4:  Open up a NEW window (NOT A TAB).  Step 5:  Create a new outfit (different than the other).  ~Make sure the stuff is in your closet ALREADY !!~  Step 6:  STOP!!!  Step 7:  Remove ONE item.  ~Accessories, Etc (ANYTHING YOU'RE NOT GLITCHING)  Step 8:  Minimize BOTH windows.  Step 9:  Put the two windows next to each other (overlapping one of them).  Step 10:  SAVE!!! YES. IT TAKES PRACTICE. IT MAY NOT WORK your FIRST TIME OR your second BUT IT Will WORK eventually. IT JUST takes TIME FOR you SERVER - 2 UR ACCOUNT- to UNDERSTAND THAT YOU want TO save TWO outfits At A TIME. both (m/f) CAN glitch. (if the glitch still doesn't work after several times, skip step 7)
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How many spaces to put in meez CAPTCHA?

D none u just type it like a wor d :D:D i myself was wondering how many but i recodnized that u only need to have a NONTAKEN meez id that's all bye :)

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