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Why was Oscar Wilde put in prison?

  In 1895 he was convicted of Gross Indecency and sentenced to two years in prison. This was as a result of his homosexual activity.

Five sentences about a wild animal?

Wild animals are animals that are not domesticated. These animals  rely on their natural instincts to survive. Some wild animals in  the Amazon are jaguars, cougars, and oce

Can you put shoes on a wild mustang?

I would not put shoes on a mustang because they have managed just fine by themselves. God created them barefoot for a reason. (Unless of course the horse has a specific foot p

How do you put you and me in a sentence?

"You are coming with me,"said the teacher angrily to the naughty student. -- there's also the old joke from the 1960s, mocking anti-Communist hysteria: "Everyone's a Communist

When do you put a in a sentence?

Using "a" in a sentence can be confusing at times, here are some examples; A cat was sitting on a window sill as I walked by. My family and I are going going on a picnic.

What does this sentence in call of the wild mean?

So I'm reading this book for school and I'm on chapter 5. But I thought this book was rated G!! This sentence made me wonder though and I dot quite understand it " Mercedes Nu