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Why was Oscar Wilde put in prison?

  In 1895 he was convicted of Gross Indecency and sentenced to two years in prison. This was as a result of his homosexual activity.

How do you put their into a sentence?

It's their car. Well, 'their' means that it belongs to someone, like, "That ball is theirs" or"That is their house" rather than: "That ball belongs to that person" or"That

Can you put a prickly in a sentence?

That is one prickly rose. The prickly side of the leaves made it hard to pull the weeds. She gave a prickly response when asked, "How are you today?" My girlfriend's mood rem

How do you put such as in a sentence?

The word such is an indefinite pronoun, an adverb, and an adjective. Indefinite pronoun: After you frost them, you can add nuts, candies, and such. Adverb: Our suite had such

How do you put tube in a sentence?

Can you pick up a tube of toothpaste when you're at the store? The poster was delivered safely in a cardboard tube. Teenagers spend about three hours per day in front of the t

Can you put put and couple in a sentence?

Can you put a couple of extra pencils in my backpack? If you put a couple of strawberries on top, the kids will gobble up the fruit salad! "Put a couple of signs around th

Can you put their is in a sentence?

No, you cannot. The word "their" means "belonging to them." You are thinking of THERE IS, which can be put into a sentence. There is a good reason you need to learn grammar. T

Can i put a wild goldfish in with regular fish?

Keep in mind these basic rules :- 1 inch of fish needs at least 1 gallon of water . All fish need a cycled filter running 24/7. Every tank needs to have at least 50% of its wa