How do you rename your iPhone Bluetooth file?

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When you go in iTunes (on you'r PC or mac) try renaming the Iphone device that you have connected ;)
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Does the iPhone have bluetooth?

Yes, iPhone has Bluetooth. But it only supports Headset. no filesharing or Air Play. There are some applications of third parties available on Apple appstore that can sh

Rename iPhone photo albums?

There is no simple way to rename iPhone photo albums because all photos in iPhone photo albums stored as binary format ITHMDB photo database, there are 5 type of database as b

Can you bluetooth on an iPhone?

Yes. You do the following: settings>general>Bluetooth>On/Off. Hope this helps :) if this doesn't work, it's probably because your phone thinks bluetooth is illegal, bluetoo

Is iPhone bluetooth only for iPhone?

Original Answer by Robertfalco Edited by Arianna Lovendino iPhone Bluetooth is only for iPhone. You cannot send songs orthings like that to any other phone brand.

Does iPhones have bluetooth?

yes they do you have to go into the settings menu then press on conections and switch on the bluetooth

Which iPhone App can be used to send mp3 files over bluetooth to another phone?

A professional iphone transfer can help you transfer your iPhone files to iPhone, computer and iTunes. Learn more here:
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How do you send photos from iPhone to iPhone by bluetooth?

Download the Bump app which is free from the App Store which allows you to send pictures and much more by just tapping your iPhones together. You can do it via following st

How do you Bluetooth with an iPhone?

Pairing a bluetooth device (e.g. a hands-free ear piece) with the iPhone is trivial - the option is available in the iPhone's settings and easily found. Enable bluetooth under