How do you repair a Valve tap in Plymouth acclaim?

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"Mechanic in a can" get some engine clean, diesel, or some trans fluid; drain a quart of oil out of the engine; then put a quart of what ever you got in to the engine replacing the oil you just drained; run it till it's warm, drain it all out and change the oil and filter; start it up check for leaks and see if your noise is gone; repeat if nessesary; do not drive around for 3000 miles. you can try this with marval mystery oil too.
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What are the valve timing marks for a '91 Plymouth Acclaim?

If you have a 6 cylinder 3.0L the timing marks are located on the crankshaft gear for the timing belt (its just a notch on the rear of the gear just spin it clockwise until yo

How do you install radiator on Plymouth acclaim?

Answer . slide radiator down into position behind the radiator support\nattach the air conditioning condenser to the radiator if so equipped,with force of 10Lbs to seat th

Why is there no heat in my 1989 Plymouth Acclaim?

Low coolant?. Bad thermostat?. Heater core plugged, restricted, or airbound?. ======= . Good answers by original poster. I would recommend replacing the t-stat first. Its

How costly is a Valve tap repair?

The cost of a valve tap repair will vary based on various factors.If you do it yourself, it may cost about $40 but if you take to aprofession mechanic, you can pay up to $60.

1995 Plymouth Acclaim Repair Fuel Pump Steps or Procedure?

1995 Plymouth Acclaim Repair Fuel Pump Steps or Procedure?. What I need to do to remove the Fuel Pump and put the new one in?. Does the pressure gas is off ones the Fuel Pum

Where is the thermostat on a 1992 Plymouth acclaim?

The black radiator hose comes out of the upper left of the radiator. Follow it to where it connects to the engine block at the top center of the engine. It is just to the left

Can i repair the valve seating in a pillar tap?

\nYes it can be repaired to a point. There is a tool called a reseater which grinds the valve seat to make it smooth and grind out fine cracks. The seat can only be reseated a